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#DoctorsSpeakUp About Vaccines

Vaccine advocates will be going online, talking about the importance of vaccines for the #DoctorsSpeakUp event on March 5th.

You don't have to wait for #DoctorsSpeakUp day to advocate for vaccines.
You don’t have to wait for #DoctorsSpeakUp day to advocate for vaccines.

Getting more doctors to advocate for vaccines is great!

DoctorsSpeakUp About Vaccines

What are they going to be saying?

Too often we just focus on countering misinformation and making it seem like we are in a war with anti-vaxxers...
Too often we just focus on countering misinformation and making it seem like we are in a war with anti-vaxxers…

Who will they be talking to?

“Dr. Nicole Baldwin, a pediatrician who dared to support vaccination on TikTok, drew a coordinated attack from the antivaccine cult including death threats. Here’s why we all should be fighting back with her.”


Hopefully they all understand that the point of speaking up about the importance of vaccines is not to try and change the minds of the most vocal vaccine deniers. Not that they should be fearful, but these are likely the type of folks who go on the attack, but won’t actually listen to anything they are saying.

It also doesn’t help much if they are just talking to folks who already understand that vaccines are safe, with few risks, and necessary.

When #DoctorsSpeakUp, we want to also talk to those who are on the fence about vaccines. And those who are simply vaccine hesitant because they heard or read something that scared them.

Where’s the best place to do that?

In our offices when these patients and parents come to see us, either to get vaccines for their children or to get their own vaccinations.

That’s especially important because we know that people are most likely to listen to and trust their own health care provider.

It is important to understand all of the factors contributing to vaccine hesitancy.

However, they are not all going to respond to the same one size fits all approach when we try and talk to them.

“Specific determinants of vaccine hesitancy need to be addressed using methods and types of interventions relevant to the issue and the context.”

Let’s talk about hesitancy: enhancing confidence in vaccination and uptake

As #DoctorsSpeakUp, it would help if doctors become familiar with all of the different ways that we have learned to talk about vaccines and boost vaccine confidence, including:

They should also review all of the work that has already been published to help us boost vaccine confidence:

To really boost vaccine confidence and get more folks vaccinated, doctors and other healthcare providers need to learn how to be as effective as they can when they speak up as vaccine advocates.

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