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Are There 6 Reasons to Oppose SB276?

Not surprisingly, folks are pushing misinformation in trying to get support in their efforts to oppose SB276, the California bill that will help stop doctors from writing fraudulent medical exemptions.

Are There 6 Reasons to Oppose SB276?

It also shouldn’t be a surprise that none of their “reasons” hold water.

There are no good reasons to oppose SB276.
There are no good reasons to oppose SB276.

Are the guidelines for writing medical exemptions too limited under SB276?

If you consider that true medical exemptions to getting vaccinated are not common, then no, they are not.

Remember, medical exemptions for vaccines should be for kids who can’t be vaccinated, not just because you’re scared or don’t want your child to be vaccinated.

What about the high rates of vaccination and low rates of exemptions in California?

Uh, what about the schools in California where 30 to 50% of students have medical exemptions? These clusters of unvaccinated kids with medical exemptions are the concern, not the overall rates of vaccination and exemptions in the state.

And it is only the doctors writing excessive medical exemptions that will trigger an investigation.

What about the Medical Board of California?

While the system that they have in place has allowed them to investigate some doctors, it has mostly failed. While they do have the authority to investigate physicians, for some reason, they can’t get medical records unless a parent cooperates.

“Ms. Simoes provided background on Senate Bill (SB) 277, which passed in 2015, eliminating the personal belief exemption from the requirement that children receive specific vaccinations for certain infectious diseases prior to being admitted to any school or daycare center. She explained that after the passage of SB 277, the Board has had a difficult time investigating complaints related to medical exemptions since an authorization of medical records needs to be signed and many parents or guardians do not want to sign the authorization since it would identify the doctor that provided the medical exemption. She explained that this causes a barrier to investigation since most medical exemption cases cannot be subpoenaed and medical records are needed to conduct an investigation.”

Discussion and Possible Action on SB 276 (Pan) Immunizations: Medical Exemptions

And the Medical Board of California supports SB276.

Who else supports SB276?

In addition to the Governor of California, supporters include the AAP, California Medical Association, California State PTA, Children’s Defense Fund of California, County of Los Angeles, Infectious Disease Association of California, and the March of Dimes.

What to Know About Reasons to Oppose SB276

It should be clear that there is no reason to oppose SB276, unless you don’t want your kids immunized and you want to find a doctor to write them a fake medical exemption.

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3 thoughts on “Are There 6 Reasons to Oppose SB276?”

  1. I can understand why parents that paid large amounts for fake medical exemptions because they think protrecting their children from disease is dangerous (and who know they do not have a valid basis for the exemption), and doctors who made large amounts off selling medical exemptions (and the smaller group of anti-vaccine doctors) oppose the bill.

    1. Yeah no. They’ve gone through over 4,000 medical exemptions and NOT ONE has been found to be fraudulent. This piece of legislation is about pharma, money, and control.

  2. Who told you that? Who went through 4,000 medical exemptions and found none fraudulent, and what’s your basis for thinking that? (Because there is extensive evidenc of fake exemptions).

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