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About All Of Those Holistic Doctors Being Murdered

Folks continue to push the conspiracy theory that there is a connection between the deaths of holistic doctors.
Folks continue to push the conspiracy theory that there is a connection between the deaths of holistic doctors.

Breaking News – While conspiracy folks continue to add people to the list of murdered holistic doctors, including the CDC epidemiologist, keep in mind that many of them aren’t holistic doctors, most weren’t murdered, and of those that were murdered, it was typically by someone they knew.

Did you know that someone is going around the country and murdering holistic doctors?

The Health Nut even has an Holistic Doctor Death Series featuring all of the cases.

She is up to over “80 deaths” in her series. In fact, she has just reported on the “86th doctor found dead in our holistic doctor death series.”

Not that 80 people have died though…

Are Holistic Doctors Being Murdered?

Is anything about her story true?

Again, right off the bat, you notice that she has far fewer than 86 who have died on her list.

That’s because 29 or 30 of those on her original list were part of a group attending a German homeopathy conference who were ‘poisoned’ by Aquarust, an hallucinogenic drug that is used recreationally, but it was never determined if they took too much intentionally or were actually poisoned. Either way, these 29 homeopaths weren’t seriously harmed and definitely weren’t murdered.

Dr. Ron Schwartz was indeed murdered, but even the Health Nut states that “We don’t know if he was holistic.” It seems like he is on the list because “he ran an organic lawn service on the side.”

Dr. Lisa Riley was also murdered, and again, the Health Nut admits that “Besides being an Osteopath, I have no idea if she had any holistic or “alternative” training or beliefs.” She is still on the Holistic Doctor Death Series though.

So were any of the other holistic doctors murdered?

Some were, but more often than not, the person who did it was found and can’t be linked to any grand conspiracy. Many others committed suicide or suffered accidents. And again, some weren’t even holistic doctors!

What about her “reporting?”

What should you make of the fact that many family members report that these deaths are sudden, unexpected, and surreal, leaving everyone shocked? She seems to take these quotes from the initial Facebook announcements and posts about the persons death. What do you expect people to say, that they saw it coming for years?

That so many of the first deaths were from Florida gives you a good idea of how the conspiracy got started though (frequency illusion).

  1. Jeff Bradstreet, MD – the only true outspoken anti-vaccine doctor on this list, Dr. Bradstreet, originally from Florida, also claimed that vaccines cause autism and “claimed he could effectively cure kids of their autism, cancer and other maladies simply by injecting them with protein shots.” The day before his death, his office had been raided by authorities looking into his GcMAF cure, as had a clinic he had links to oversees where 5 patients died. His death was ruled a suicide. At least one family member still believes that he was murdered, after reviewing the evidence with a ‘private forensic scientist.’
  2. Baron Holt, DC – only 33, the North Carolina chiropractor who had been struggling with non-life threatening health issues, died on a trip to Florida to “seek correction for his own spine”
  3. Bruce Hedendal, DC – the Florida chiropractor, age 67, was found dead in his car, reportedly of natural causes
  4. Theresa Sievers, MD – with formal training in integrative and functional medicine, the Florida doctor was certified in transcutaneous acupuncture and had become interested in energy healing – she was murdered by two men, one of whom was a boyhood friend of Mark Sievers, the doctor’s husband, who had five insurance policies totaling more than $4 million on his wife, with whom he had lived in an open marriage.
  5. Patrick Fitzpatrick, MD – a retired ophthalmologist (??? holistic doctor) who went missing while hiking in Montana in 2015 and has never been found
  6. Lisa Riley, DO – an ER doctor, she (??? holistic doctor) was murdered by her husband (he has been found guilty already) who was sentenced to life without parole
  7. Dr. Ron Schwartz – a gynecologist (??? holistic doctor) in Florida, he was robbed and murdered by two men who had worked washing Schwartz’s cars and boats and doing other odd jobs for the doctor.
  8. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez – offered a coffee enema based treatment for cancer and died of an apparent heart attack
  9. Abdul Karim, DDS – an holistic dentist, he died of a heart attack while jogging
  10. Jeffrey Whiteside, MD – a respected pulmonologist (??? holistic doctor), his death was ruled a suicide after he went missing for three weeks
  11. Mary Bovier, DO – a geriatrician (??? holistic doctor), she was murdered in a vacant home she owned
  12. Mitchell Gaynor, MD – an holistic cancer specialist, he was found dead behind his country home in upstate New York – the sheriff’s office said he had killed himself.
  13. Marie Paas, DC – a chiropractor in Alabama, she reportedly killed herself
  14. Jerome E. Block, M.D. – an integrative doctor, he jumped to his death from a 20 story office building. He had recently been fined just over $100,000 for submitting false Medicare claims
  15. Jamie Zimmerman, MD – a doctor who focused on meditation medicine and a medical reporter for ABC, she drowned while on vacation in Hawaii
  16. Christopher D. Robert, DO – an anesthesiologist (not a holistic doctor), it is thought that he fell while walking home from a Christmas party and that alcohol was a factor. He was found on the side of a freeway.
  17. Mark Ernsting, PhD – a biomedical engineer (not holistic, he was working on a nanoparticle based delivery system to deliver drugs to tumors) who worked at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, he was stabbed to death in what has been described as “a random attack, a crime of opportunity” and for which the attacker is being charged
  18. John Marshall, MD – a surgeon at the Spokane VA hospital (not an holistic doctor), his body was found in the Spokane River and his death was ruled an accident, although a private investigator suspects foul play.
  19. Rod Floyd, DC – his wife, in a monthly magazine she publishes, describes his death as “accidental and totally unexpected. My only solace is that he felt no pain and died peacefully.”
  20. Alan Clarke, PhD – a cancer researcher (not a holistic doctor) in the UK, he was found hanging from a tree
  21. Paige Adams, FNP – outspoken against vaccines, this holistic Nurse Practitioner died from complications of her Lyme disease
  22. Cheryl Deboer – a chemist who worked at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (not a holistic center), she killed herself
  23. Armon Anthony Bert, DC – died after having a heart attack
  24. Dr Nadeera De Silva – (??? holistic doctor) was not murdered and his death was drug related
  25. Dr. Weidong “Henry” Han – the herbalist, his wife, and 5-year-old daughter were murdered by Pierre Haobsh, a business acquaintance.
  26. John A. Harsch, MD – (??? holistic doctor) was killed while riding his bicycle as a car attempted to pass another car on a turn and then hit Dr. Harsch from behind
  27. Dr Rose Polge – (??? holistic doctor) a junior doctor in the UK, she killed herself
  28. Vibeke Rasmussen, DC – a retired chiropractor, she was stabbed to death by her 24-year-old neighbor who confessed to the murder
  29. Curtis Clogston, MD – missing for weeks, he was finally found in an overturned car that had crashed and ended up in some brush, just off the road to his home.
  30. Jykri Suutari, DC – a chiropractor in Southern California who killed himself in his garage
  31. Alex Shvartsman, DDS, ND – an holistic dentist who killed himself in his home
  32. Mary Louise Yoder, DC – was murdered – she was poisoned by one of her employees
  33. Robert Sowers, DC – was murdered – he was shot in his office by one of his own patients after an argument
  34. Tiejun Huang Ph.D./MD – was murdered by a man who thought the doctor was having an affair with his wife.
  35. Jenny Shi – the acupuncturist was murdered – she was stabbed 41 times by her sister-in-law, who “had made a series of threat against her husband and had gotten in argument with her sister-in-law in the last year,” and had also “been arrested in China after she got in to a fight with Shi’s business employee”
  36. John Louis Lombardozzi, DC – he died in a motorcycle accident, even though he was wearing a helmet
  37. Dr Sebi – an herbalist and self-taught healer, not a doctor, Alfredo Darrington Bowman (his real name), Dr Sebi died in an Honduran prison where he had been arrested after being charged with money laundering.
  38. Jameth Sheridan, ND – there may be a conspiracy around the death of Jameth Sheridan (his real name is reportedly James Guenthur Dina), but not about how he died, well not that he was murdered as part of a holistic doctor conspiracy. Turns out the supplement company he founded never told anyone that he died and continued to sell and market his products. Anyway, he had apparently stepped down from the company to go “off the grid” to heal his body of kidney cancer naturally, but he had to go to the hospital because he eventually developed a wound/serious blood infection and went into septic shock. It was supposedly the complications of being treated in an ICU that killed him. The Health Ranger, no relation to the Health Nut, reports that he died because his products contain heavy metals that can cause cancer.
  39. Trevor Tice – did the founder of CorePower Yoga die under suspicious circumstances? While he was hooked on yoga, he also “had a history of chronic alcohol abuse and opiate abuse” and died after several drunken falls in his home, where there was no evidence of foul play.
  40. Dr. Silvio Najt – an holistic cardiologist in Argentina, he reportedly died of heart failure
  41. Tricia McCauley – an actress, herbalist, and yoga instructor, she was murdered after disappearing on Christmas day by Adrian Duane Johnson
  42. Robert Ashton, MD – a cardiothoracic surgeon, he died after he jumped off the George Washington Bridge and is talked about by the Health Nut in her series of Holistic Doctor Murders because Dr. Ashton and Dr. Jennifer Ashton, a medical reporter for ABC News, had recently divorced. And… the previous medical reporter for ABC, Dr. Jamie Zimmerman, MD, who focused on meditation medicine, drowned while on vacation in Hawaii. See the connection???
  43. Juan Sanchez Gonzalez, ND – although the Health Nut led with the idea of how many times Dr. Gonzalez talked about Big Pharma wanting him to get “hit by a bus,” he was murdered by the husband of a woman who had died after Dr. Gonzalez had “guaranteed he could cure the man’s wife of cancer.”
  44. Robert Mark Buller, MD – a bioterrorism expert and professor at St. Louis University (definitely not a holistic doctor!), he worked on poxviruses and died after he was hit by a car while riding his bike.
  45. Psalm Isadora – a tantric healer who says that her practices helped her overcome anxiety, depression, and a previous suicide attempt – tragically, she killed herself
  46. Ronald Edward Kibert, DC – the 67-year-old chiropractor in Oregon died after he was found under a large tree limb during an unusually strong windstorm. He was not murdered.
  47. Glenn Towery, DC – a chiropractor and acupuncturist, he was reported missing in May 2017 and has never been found.
  48. John Greg Hoffmann, MD – an expert in chronic Lyme disease, he had his medical license temporarily suspended in 2011. He died in a car accident.
  49. Christopher Bayley King, MDDr. King was shot after an argument and the shooter is in custody. While he was likely murdered, unless the shooter can somehow prove it was self-defence, it had nothing to do with his being holistic, if he was.
  50. Scott William Mieras – running clinics that offered acupuncture, holistic health treatments, and traditional oriental medicine, he died in New Zealand, after the house bus he was living in and driving, smashed through the railings of a bridge and landed in the river below.
  51. Justine Diamond – an Australian holistic healer, cancer researcher, and trained veterinarian, she was shot by a police officer responding to a 911 call about an assault behind her home in a tragic case that has led to the resignation of the police chief of the city
  52. Ron Schmid, ND – a naturopathic physician, he almost caused his own heart to fail by taking high doses of cod liver oil each day, a product that his own company sold! He died in his sleep at the age of 71, still suffering from the effects of the cod live oil he had taken each day.
  53. Glen Scarpelli, DC – the chiropractor and his wife jumped from the roof of his clinic in NYC. They had suicide notes in their pockets.
  54. Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D. – Andy Cutler, a chemical engineer, he self-diagnosed himself as being poisoned with mercury from his tooth fillings and later pushed the idea that mercury poisoning causes autism. He even developed his own chelation protocols. He died of a heart attack in his 60s. He left behind a legacy of parents believing their autistic kids have been damaged by mercury poisoning and some suffering from unnecessary chelation treatments.
  55. Ann Boroch – a naturopath, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and Certified Nutritional Consultant, she claimed to have “healed herself of multiple sclerosis,” was an expert on the “silent epidemic” of candida infections, and warned that “vaccines have live and dead strains of viruses, bacteria, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum, and other substances that can injure your child now and later bring about retroviruses.” Family members had reported that she “passed suddenly of natural causes.” She didn’t. Tami Ann Boroch killed herself in her garage.
  56. Gabriel Goodwin, MD – an anesthesiologist in NYC, he jumped off of the roof of the Montefiore Medical Center. Dr. Goodwin was not holistic and he was not murdered.
  57. John Michael Lonergan, MD – Dr. Mike, as he was known, had lost his license to practice medicine in Ohio in 2005 and went to federal prison after he was convicted of tax evasion, mail fraud and healthcare fraud. After he was released from prison, Dr. Mike was allowed to practice in Oklahoma, where he continued to give his so called “Jesus shots” until he died of a heart attack at age 70.
  58. Thomas Fay, ND – a naturopathic doctor – as a retired Marine, Thomas Fay became interested in naturopathic medicine after his wife died of breast cancer, and he died, according to his family of natural causes at the age of 64.
  59. Achutha Reddy, MD – a holistic psychiatrist, Dr. Reddy died after he was stabbed 165 times in the alley behind his office by one of his “ongoing” patients.
  60. Annie Fairbanks – a Master CHEK Practitioner and a doctor of holistic nutrition, Annie Fairbanks was recently murdered, but instead of the murder-suicide that the police are reporting, the Health Nut leads simply leads her story saying that a “Prominent Holistic Doctor and entire family found shot dead in AZ home.” And like other stories like this, the Health Nut is quick to report that some doubted the claim, wondering how they could have completed their investigation so quickly…
  61. Michael Crespo, MD – the cancer researcher (not holistic) was found unconscious and unresponsive in the eighth-floor restroom of NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center and died of an apparent drug overdose.
  62. James Winer, DC – a chiropractor who ran a holistic wellness clinic, he died of a heart attack while visiting Florida.
  63. Dean Lorich, MD – a celebrity orthopedic surgeon (not holistic) who had operated on Bono, he killed himself in his home (a knife was found in his chest). He had recently lost privileges at the hospital where he worked and had been sued by an NFL player for “ending his career.”
  64. Tony Starr, DO – a family medicine doctor in Ohio, he was found dead without evidence of foul play.
  65. Clive W. Bridgham, DC – a Rhode Island chiropractor, who had recently voluntarily suspended his license after violating the boundaries of a patient-physician relation during sessions, he was brutally murdered by that former patient.
  66. Mark Flanagan, DC – a Texas chiropractor, he is reported to have hanged himself.
  67. Norman Valdes Cotten Jr., DC – a chiropractor in Michigan, he was found dead in a burning car in the parking lot of an elementary school.

Does that put an end to the idea that someone is killing holistic doctors?

Probably not. Those who believe in conspiracy theories will still likely believe that these accidents and suicides were staged.

When writing about chiropractors in car accidents, the Health Nut states that “It could be a big coincidence, but I’ll just report the facts.”

What about the murders that have already been solved? Those can’t be linked to a conspiracy, can they?

What about the doctors who aren’t even holistic doctors?

When their children, grandchildren, or other family members look on the Internet to get more research about a deceased love one, are they going to have to find conspiracy theories about Big Pharma?

The latest person on her “Unintended Holistic Doctor Death Series?”

Dr. Timothy Cunningham, the CDC epidemiologist who had disappeared for several weeks and was later found dead in the Chattahoochee River, near his home. Although there are many unanswered questions about his death, there is no evidence that he was murdered and he wasn’t a holistic doctor.

What To Know About the Holistic Doctor Murder Conspiracy Theory

The holistic doctor murder conspiracy was thoroughly debunked when it first started, back in 2015.

It is obvious now that it should have ended then, but understanding that it continues will hopefully help folks question (or even better, dismiss outright), anything else they see on sites that continue to push the idea of a holistic doctor murder conspiracy.

More On The Holistic Doctor Death Conspiracies

Updated April 11, 2018

20 thoughts on “About All Of Those Holistic Doctors Being Murdered”

  1. “Thoroughly debunked.” like the coverup Popular Mechanics tried to do for the 9/11 conspirators. Whether some writers have padded their stats or not on this one, the insistence by your site and similar paid debunkers that there is nothing to this convinces me otherwise. Corporate conglomerates do have dirty jobs teams, just like our government. Intelligence services all over the world collude with organized crime on some “work.” Stop trying to cover for evil.

    1. Paul – see the stats analysis I posted separately. I would expect up to 1,000 CAM practitioner deaths a year – based on “NORMAL” actuarial life expectancy tables. The fact that they can only produce a list of half a dozen (excluding the non CAM doctors etc) demonstrates that just as with 9/11 the conspiracy theory is fueled by ignorance not evidence.

      1. 911 is proven by facts it’s an inside job only ignorant, brainwashed folks believe the government cares about you and I. Try knocking down 3 building with 2 planes idiot.

      2. Brian – I have yet to meet a single 9/11 conspiracy theorist who can actually articulate what is claimed in the reports !! Every 9/11 conspiracy theorist I have ever met – rejects the reports – but cant event describe what they say !

        The explanation uses conventional science – nothing mysterious – and provides the corresponding evidence and citations. It explains in 15,000 pages exactly what happened. It provides great detail.

        So far every conspiracy theorist response has been ignorant of the freely available facts, the basic science – or both. Popular mechanics explained it in simple terms – and summarised the flaws in the conspiracy theories but apparently facts and science are mutually exclusive with the phrase “conspiracy theory”.

        In addition to the facts and science, I completed a Grimes analysis – showing that the probability of such a conspiracy NOT being revealed by now (by one of the conspirators) was virtually zero – you are actually more likely to win the lottery ! Remember – a certain President only managed to keep something secret for 14 months – before he was undone by DNA on a dress !

        I will stick with facts and science thanks.

    2. David Former U.S. Marine

      What is incredible is so many that actually believe what our corrupt government tried to explain in the 911 commission report! And not even trying to look at the evidence involving forensic evidence, aircraft flight envelop, structural steel designed buildings, the laws of nature involving newton’s law of motion, the paper done on the sol gel nano thermate found in the dust at the base of the buildings, human body parts so small that were smaller then a finger nail found on top of other buildings, the free fall speed of the buildings, not one aircraft was re-assembled to reveal any aircraft part numbers that match the forms from that aircraft, the foolishness that an aluminum airplane can cut thru steel concrete building like butter, the delay of any investigation by president bush, and he and Chaney did not testify under oath, and in a private setting with no information of the questioning, every general was promoted right after 9/11, the buildings were hauled off sold to china, when this was a crime scene, the firemen first responders heard multiply explosions, they witnessed steel look like molten lava, the fires burned for three months even during the rain, the video manipulation we all seen on 9/11, the media involvement to promote the lie, the paid actors that promoted the lie, NIST lied, FEMA lied. Treason was committed. We attacked Iraq they had nothing to do with 911, but our country killed hundreds of thousands of Iraq civilians, the project for the new american century (PNAC), It reveals how dumbed down our nation really and truly is!

  2. So you are saying, that there is no murder for money all over the world ?
    You are saying, that no one ever killed someone due to concurrency or any other handicap ?
    If i would be heavily invested in bigpharma stocks, i would pretty much yell all around “get vaccines! get vaccines!” – because that would be my money making machine.
    Pure logic

    1. Dusan, as I have posted elsewhere on this site – “BigPharma” actually makes dramatically more from healing people who DIDN’T seek medical assistance – than it does from pro-actively preventing sickness. As an example – treating a sick UN-VACCINATED person makes them around FOURTEEN times as much as they get from a vaccine ! It is in their financial interest to LET people see CAM practitioners first !

      I have also posted on this page a statistical analysis showing that we would expect up to 1,000 CAM Practitioner deaths a year – just from “normal” actuarial data. The fact that the list ON:Y has 46 is suspicious – for the WRONG reasons !!

      If the list above is comprehensive – it shows that far from them being killed – they are mysteriously being kept alive ! Maybe big pharma is deliberately keeping them healthy – knowing that it is far more profitable than killing them off !!

  3. If we repeat the actuarial analysis using the “Conspiracy List” of deaths (excluding ACTUAL doctors) the average age is 53, sigma is 17 and the %Male is 60%.

    We would expect , based on actuarial tables to see 96 CAM practitioner deaths a week – one CAM Practitioner death every 100 minutes !

  4. Lol at you. Talking about actuarials sigmas and whatnot. You must be some kind of genius! You can prove thing with your mathz!

    Lemme guess, you can draw a matrix on a chalk board and calculate some impressive probability that people like Hilary clinton, in fact, DO know dozens of people who die in plane crashes! One every 13 hours in fact!

    Aren’t you conflating practitioner deaths with suspicious murders of practitioners? Can you please recalc it all?

    No one who reads your “debunking” comes away with the conclusions you do. No one has ever heard of that many suspicious and unsolved murders in any field, let alone a field dominated by people who heal other people. Hope you spent a lot of time on this.


    1. If the CAM practitioners want to claim that the deaths are suspicious – based on the numbers – they need to provide suspicious numbers.

      I am merely pointing out that the numbers provided are not suspicious. Are you expecting CAM practitioners to live forever ? How many do you expect to die every week or every year ?

      If the number of people dying is less than the expected number – how on earth do you come to the conclusion that it is suspicious ?

      Your comment about plane crashes is a perfect example ! “Politician killed in plane crash – it must have been his opponents” ! If you look at the number of politicians flying and the number of plane crashes – we would expect them to be killed !

      NOTHING in the evidence supplied by the CAM claimants suggest conspiracy.
      1) The people on the list arent all CAM
      2) People get murdered – they cover all walks of life.
      3) The remaining numbers (as demonstrated) are actually dramatically lower than expected.

      I reiterate – based on the CAM logic – it means that the government is secretly keeping CAM practitioners alive !!

  5. Eric Blankenship

    Berry Joneshill of Rosebud Ar. Holistic doctor died and we haven’t really heard the real reason why. It would be worth looking into.

    1. 80 in how long ? Based on revised data – we would expect to see that number dying every week.
      That is just a simple reflection of the number of practitioners – and the fact that ALL people are mortal and die !

      If 80 died in a day – THAT would certainly be suspicious .

  6. I have followed the holistic physicians who were killed and in the nineties, physicists and microbiologists. However, Erin Elizabeth is gaining fame for listing Holistic Physicians who have been murdered. She added John Harsch’s name immediately after the accident occured. She added it without any evidence that it was anything but an accident. At best, this was irresponsible and at worst it was using John’s death for personal gain. It makes me wonder about her integrity and the integrity of her partner. I knew John when he was a boy. It was tragic enough that this young man who came from a most exceptional family was killed in this manner, but it is nothing but egregious and criminal that his death was used for personal gain.

  7. This whole site is truly sickening. Do you really believe that vaccines are that safe? In that case why does the US government have a vaccine compensation fund which it has awarded compensation to parents of children with autism specifically for the vaccines causing their child’s autism. The very fact that our congress went out of its way to volunteer our tax dollars to protect big pharmas bottom line should outrage anyone who’s cognitive development hasn’t been effected by the mercury filled vaccines that you seem to think are so safe. I feel as if it would be common sense that injecting infants with toxic heavy metals might cause some issues but the propaganda is of course, rampantly spread and tragically, widley believed by a population that is in general, far to trusting of authority, especially seemingly benevolent well meaning organizations like the CDC, who many people falsely believe have no reason to lie to us. In truth they have the best reason there is to lie. Money, and lots of it.

    Aside from Vaccines causing “autism” there are many environmental factors that have been proven to have a correlation with the occurrence of autism in infants. Glyphosate, or round up as it is known on the street is very likely to blame to some extent for the rising occurence of autism. Women who live close to agriculture are something like 70% more likely to have an autistic child. Vaccines of course also have played a key role in the sky rocketing rates of autism, which most estimates by experts see no signs of slowing down, potentially climbing to 1 in 2 by 2025. Truly frightening figures. I don’t understand why everyone is so quick to believe the media and the part of the medical establishment which has long since been bought off by big pharma and their sugar daddy/mafia style enforcer government who is always so eager to protect their billions in profits from any pesky citizens who they may have injured or any no good hippies pedaling “alternative medicine” and natural cures, something the FDA wastes no time in shutting down and pointing people back towards big pharmas open arms, welcoming back into the fold with a handful of OxyContin, Valium and Ambien and some Ritilan for the youngsters (you know like a lollipop at the bank). Oh and for your angsty teenager? How about some antidepressants and a shot of gardisil. Trust me they’ll need those happy pills when they wake up unable to walk and end up having a series of serious complications that leads to them being permantley disabled and wondering if life is even worth living anymore? Do you people actually claim that Gardisil is safe on this site? Do you know how factually inaccurate that is or do you just not give a damn as long as that big pharma shill money keeps rolling in. I don’t know if your really a shill or not, maybe your just misinformed but to call yourself an expert on this topic and to still promote vaccination AS IS, ignoring the risks, complications and the horror stories from real people who had their lives destroyed by these psycopath CEO’s who are all to happy to sweep any and all evidence that hurts their bottom line under the rug, all while people are dying and having their lives destroyed, some of them then being ridiculed and condescended too by ignorant people who want to tell them their crazy, or anti vaxxers, or conspiracy theorists for believing that the cause and effect that they witnessed between the vaccine they received and the condition they developed soon afterward are somehow related. Do you really think all these people are just mistaken about what caused this to happen to them? That it’s simply an unfortunate manifestation of the wave of anti-vaxxer paranoia that is spreading to more and more poor souls who are just not as smart as the good science minded people who trust that corporate funded science is always honest and that there is no conflict lying there in when companies fund their own research and then write the papers afterwards. I’m sure that they would never lie for more money. That’s just not what corporations do. Everyone knows they hate money and have intentions as pure as the freshly fallen snow on a brisk winter morning. Yup go back to bed America, nothing to see hear, keep chugging down your fluoridated tap water which by the way has been proven to take serious points off your kids IQ, hell and probably yours too but they haven’t studied that yet, have they? Oh wait, someone did study that! Hitler! Now I remember!

    1. Matt,

      “This whole site is truly sickening. ”
      Clearly from your comments – you haven’t read it – or you wouldnt have made the erroneous claims that you do. .

      “Do you really believe that vaccines are that safe?”
      They are dramatically safer than not being vaccinated – we are talking factors of thousands or millions of times safer (depending on vaccine).

      “In that case why does the US government have a vaccine compensation fund which it has awarded compensation to parents of children with autism specifically for the vaccines causing their child’s autism”.
      It doesnt .
      1) Vaccines dont cause autism – and no child / parent has ever been compensated under the scheme for that.
      2) The compensation scheme was actually set up in partially response to anti vaxxers complaining how hard it was to get compensation ! Thanks to the scheme – people didnt have to prove that the injury was causal – as long as specific criteria were met, the compensation was given – WHETHER OR NOT A VACCINE HAD OR HAD NOT CAUSED it. That made it far easier to err on the side of the patient – knowing that some would be “compensated” even though the injury wasnt caused by it.
      3) The simplest way to demonstrate that vaccines dont cause autism is
      a) ACTUAL Autism rates have hardly changed in half a century (you are probably thinking of REPORTED rates – which are DSM version dependent). but vaccination rates HAVE changed.
      b) In Japan , when vaccines were stopped, (reported) autism rates continued to climb . So based on your anti vaxx reasoning – VACCINES PREVENT AUTISM !!
      4) The US FDA is NOT the only body reporting on vaccine efficacy. You seem to be unaware that every health authority from every country supports the research. All the medical groups (doctors and nurses) around the world accept the science. Hospitals and universities around the world publish peer reviewed articles confirming the science . To suggest what the anti vaxxers are claiming is to insist that there is a global conspiracy theory involving tens of millions of people !! As above – Bill Clinton couldnt keep his Lewinsky story secret for more than 14 months. A conspiracy on the sacle that you are suggesting would be exposed in 2 seconds !!

      I could go on and debunk everything else in your post – but all the information is here on this site. I encourage you to read it .

      1. G.C.M.A.F.
        Please research the researchers and validate.
        Most of the information that is being spoon feed to us, I.E. follow the money, Pharmaceutical companies, info may not be all truthful. I use validation, peoples life long research, to sift through fact from influenced fiction. All of your rebuttals are incorrect. Billions have been awarded through courts for causing Autism and not just in this country.
        If you are not willing and able to intelligently post accurate information, please for the sake of parents who are searching for answers please refrain. This bears repeating -There is a lot of influenced $$ misinformation . GCMAF is one of many pieces to the puzzle.

        Mercury is another, currently in vaccines, flu shots , dental fillings.
        *******************************Matt Olsons post is accurate and well said.**********************************

  8. How dare you claim the dr sebi was money laundering, this man was moving his hard earned money out of the US to his healing village in Honduras. They have been harrassing him for many years since he beat the supreme court for fully healing all diseases with 77 patients in court proving he healed all of them. 2days in custody in LA Police station and came out dead?? He was one of the most healthiest people in the world at 87year old. Look up the fact before you discredit all of these doctors that risked their lives to help heal people. Ill bet you will not post this as it looks like you have an agenda

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