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Can Vaccines Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Some anti-vaccination experts not only believe that vaccines cause shaken baby syndrome (now called abusive head trauma), they actually work to defend people accused of harming or killing children.

At the very least, they provide a defense for these parents or caregivers, who can claim it wasn’t the fact that they shook the child, but rather it was the vaccines.

The NVIC even offers advice to parents who have been accused of shaken baby syndrome.

“Despite a proliferation of internet websites devoted to the claim that a negative reaction to a vaccination can result in brain damage which could be mistaken for shaken baby syndrome injuries, such claims are completely without scientific foundation.

It was pointed out that there is no medical article in the peer-reviewed literature which proves a causal link between vaccines and brain damage , let alone retinal hemorrhages, diffuse axonal injury, subdural hemorrhage or any of the other findings that are seen in the shaken baby syndrome. Experts illustrated why there is no conceivable mechanism which would link vaccine reaction to shaking injuries.

Certain irresponsible experts attempt to confuse juries by claiming that since there seems to be a temporal connection between young infants being vaccinated and the infliction of severe or fatal head injuries, that is proof that it was the vaccination which caused the injuries.”

National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Fortunately, the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome offers their own, better advice – “prosecutors of shaken baby cases should be aware of this untrue defense and be prepared to exclude this irresponsible medical testimony.”

What To Know About Vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome

Vaccines do not cause shaken baby syndrome.

More Information on Vaccines and Shaken Baby Syndrome


1 thought on “Can Vaccines Cause Shaken Baby Syndrome?”

  1. Well…you stated “there is no scientific evidence that vaccines cause something that looks like shaken baby syndrome”….and then you leap to “vaccines do not cause SBS”. So…that’s how science works? Or just fear and arrogance. You offered no proof that SBS isn’t caused by the toxins in a vaccine that might harm an immature blood brain barrier. BBB actually is now understood to take up to 2 full years to mature and protect the brain. Toxic ingredients in vaccines such as thimerasol and aluminum are known cell destruction. (evidence is real and can be seen on YouTube videos). Seizures are a KNOWN risk factor in vaccines and is reported on the CDC website in several places. Absence of evidence does NOT mean something doesn’t exist. Right now…..no one is LOOKING or considering vaccine injuries in pediatric emergency rooms and there is strong evidence by the sheer number of parents reporting significant health and behavioral changes following vaccinations to suggest the medical community is NOT reporting vaccine injuries. In fact a total denial of their existence.

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