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Those Times Alternative Medicine Got It Wrong

Alternative medicine is rarely right, and that can have life-threatening consequences when it leads folks to reject traditional treatments when they are really sick.

Alternatives to Getting Vaccinated

People who truly can’t be vaccinated rely on herd immunity, because in most cases, there are no effective alternatives for vaccines.

Homeopathic Vaccines Don’t Work or Why You Shouldn’t Take Immunization Advice from a Homeopath

Homeopathic vaccines or nosodes do not work and will not provide any protection for your children against any vaccine preventable diseases.

Homeopathic Vaccines

Homeopathic vaccines will not prevent any vaccine-preventable disease and are not a substitute or alternative for FDA approved vaccines on the CDC immunization schedule. For more information: Homeopathic Vaccines Homeopathic Vaccines Revisited Homeopathic Vaccines Homeopaths Threaten Public Health Selling Sugar Pills as Vaccine Alternatives Why You Should Not Trust Homeopathic Vaccines A homeopathic win for …

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