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Homeopathic Vaccines Don’t Work or Why You Shouldn’t Take Immunization Advice from a Homeopath

Get your gourmet coffee on aisle 4 and homeopathic 'medicines' on aisle 3 at your favorite grocery stores or pharmacies.
After you get your gourmet coffee, hop over one aisle and get a homeopathic remedy for sleeplessness (Coffea cruda 3X to 30X – 3C to 30C HPUS) at your favorite grocery store or pharmacy.

Most parents who follow a non-standard, parent-selected, delayed protection vaccine schedule do at least give their kids real vaccines.

Does that mean that some don’t?

Yes, homeopathic vaccines are a thing.

Homeopathy 101 for Parents

Many parents get their first introduction to homeopathy when they go to the pharmacy to buy over-the-counter medicines when their baby is teething or has their first cold.

However, since there aren’t any real symptomatic medicines for infants and younger children to treat coughs and colds or even teething, that leaves parents to buy stuff like Hyland’s Baby Teething Tablets, Boiron Cold Calm, or Similasan Kids Cough & Fever Relief.

Most don’t really understand that they are buying homeopathic products – pharmacies, and the pharmacy section of grocery stores, typically sell homeopathic products right alongside real medicine.

“They are nothing but placebos, magic potions based on prescientific notions and with “active ingredients” that are often diluted beyond the point where any original substance is likely to remain. Homeopathic products are therefore literally nothing. Further, clinical trials have consistently shown that they do not, in fact, work.”

Steven Novella

Hopefully, this first introduction will end up being the last time they try homeopathy.

Using principles of shaking and “like cures like” and “the law of the minimum dose,” homeopathy doesn’t work and is not even regulated by the FDA.

Ironically, Samuel Hahnemann, the doctor who made up homeopathy, used Jenner’s smallpox vaccine as an example of his “like cures like” principle. And Hahnemann seemed to support Jenner’s vaccine!

Homeopathic Vaccines Don’t Work

What about homeopathic vaccines, or so called nosodes?

Some parents wanting to skip or delay their child’s vaccines are going so far as to not just look for an alternative immunization schedule, but a complete alternative to standard vaccines.

Should they try homeopathic vaccines?

“Nosodes are essentially diseased tissue or pus diluted out of existence and then the resulting water given to prevent the disease from which the tissue originates. It’s witchcraft.”

Steven Novella

Homeopathic vaccines don’t work.

Of course, when you look at the science, it is biologically implausible that they would. How would ultra-dilutions of the saliva from a rabid skunk (like cures like) prevent or cure rabies?

And of course, it has never been shown that nosodes work.

One can certainly see the appeal of a homeopathic vaccine schedule though.

No shots.

And no side effects, since your baby is basically drinking water (or sometimes alcohol) or eating a sugar pill (can they cause cavities?).

Unfortunately, there is also no protection from any vaccine-preventable diseases either.

That’s why you shouldn’t take immunization advice from a homeopath. They are not immunization experts…

What To Know About Homeopathic Vaccines

Homeopathic vaccines or nosodes do not work and will not provide any protection for your children against any vaccine preventable diseases.

More on Nosodes and Homeopathic Vaccines

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