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Hot Lots

That there are Hot Lots of vaccines that cause more side effects or vaccine injuries than other vaccine lots is a common vaccine myth.

The Hot Lots Vaccine Myth

Like most other things, vaccines are made in batches or lots.

These lots are then tested “to ensure safety, purity, and potency.”

Vaccine lots aren’t all the same size though. A small lot is going to appear to be a “hot lot,” having more reports of side effects than a much larger vaccine lot.

And a report of a vaccine injury in VAERS, where most reports of hot lots come from, doesn’t mean that the vaccine actually caused the injury or side effect.

“When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.”

Guide to Interpreting VAERS Data

Interestingly, the first edition of the National Vaccine Information Center’s newsletter published a list of “especially toxic” DPT vaccine lots.

Their DPT vaccine Hot Lot list was compiled by finding lot numbers “which are associated with the highest numbers of deaths, injuries and hospitalizations reported to the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.”

The NVIC’s “Hot Lot” list and news about Heather Whitestone‘s “vaccine injury” were all bogus.

Again, VAERS is a passive reporting system. Since anyone can report a reaction, simply being in VAERS doesn’t mean that that the reaction was caused by a vaccine.

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Heather Whitestone and Vaccines

Heather Whitestone is well known for being the first deaf Miss America, winning the Miss America pageant in 1994.

The New York Times did a report about the First Deaf Miss America, saying a reaction to a DPT shot - she didn't.
The New York Times did a report about the First Deaf Miss America, saying a reaction to a DPT shot – she didn’t.

What is little known about Heather Whitestone, now Heather Leigh Whitestone McCallum, is that her mother once blamed the DTP vaccine as having caused her deafness.

The true story is that her deafness resulted not from the DTP vaccine, but from an antibiotic (gentamycin) that was given to treat a Hib infection, a now vaccine-preventable disease.

Not surprisingly, the true story, that her deafness wasn’t caused by a vaccine injury, didn’t get nearly as much media coverage.

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