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Fake Quotes About Vaccines

Be skeptical when you see folks pushing misinformation about vaccines, using quotes from real vaccine experts, so that you don’t get fooled by fake vaccine quotes.

Is Measles Really Airborne?

As we reach record numbers of measles cases, what are anti-vaccine folks concerned about? Making sure their kids get caught up on their vaccines so that they don’t catch measles, since it is so contagious? Nope. They are still trying to find reasons to justify their decision to leave their kids unvaccinated and unprotected. Is …

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Who is Alexander Langmuir?

Alexander Langmuir is typically described as a hero or titan of public health. Then why do some folks think he was against the flu and measles vaccines? Who is Alexander Langmuir? Dr. Alexander Langmuir has been called the father of infectious disease epidemiology. Why? In 1949, he established the CDC’s Epidemiology Program. Actually, at the …

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