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Is It Too Late to Get a COVID Vaccine?

As we are seeing COVID cases once again surge because of the Delta variant, some folks who have waited to get vaccinated and protected are getting sick and now regret not getting a COVID vaccine.

Too many people regret not getting a COVID vaccine.
Too many people regret not getting a COVID vaccine.

Unfortunately, they are finding that sometimes it is too late to get vaccinated…

Is It Too Late to Get a COVID Vaccine?

While COVID-19 is now a vaccine-preventable disease, we are all hearing more and more stories of intentionally unvaccinated people getting COVID.

And despite all of the talk of a 99% survival rate, too many of these unvaccinated people are ending up with severe disease, either with a prolonged hospital stay, or even worse, they are dying.

So when is it to late to get a COVID vaccine?

It’s too late when you delayed getting your COVID vaccine so long that you didn’t survive having COVID!

Starling had chosen not to get the vaccine. Her husband and her children weren’t vaccinated either. “Honestly, I think I listened. I think I let people influence me, like saying ‘Oh, you know, this is the government just trying to fill our bodies with stuff and they’re trying to push this shot on us.”

Mom of 8 nearly dies from COVID, regrets not getting vaccinated

For everyone else who doesn’t have a true contraindication, as long as they aren’t in isolation or quarantine, this is a great time to get vaccinated and protected.

“It wasn’t a political thing, we didn’t want to because we didn’t want to, and the information is such a fight right now, and we thought we were young and healthy it will be okay, and we will wait to see if there is better information.”

DeKalb County woman speaks out after husband dies from COVID, encourages people to get vaccinated

If you don’t want to listen to me, take some advice from all of the intentionally unvaccinated people who have had severe COVID or who have lost a friend or family member.

“We wanted to wait just one year from the release to see what effects people had, but there was never any intention to not get it,” DuPreez said. That is a decision she said she will always regret and has now gotten the shot along with their oldest child.

‘I should have gotten the damn vaccine’: Las Vegas father of 5 dies from COVID-19

Get vaccinated and protected.

“She shared her story because she said she knows there are so many others just like her who have been deceived by bad information from so-called experts online.”

Utah family shares regret over not getting COVID-19 vaccine because of ‘fear and lies’

Do it before you or one of your family members has to write their own regret story…

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4 thoughts on “Is It Too Late to Get a COVID Vaccine?”

  1. Adverse Covid Vaccine reactions reported on VAERS as of 8-13-21 increased massively over the prior Friday.

    Deaths: 10,933, up 91%.
    Stroke: 5,469 up 30%.
    Cardio/myocardio/heart events 45,821 up 59%.
    Palsy 5.699 up 79%.
    Amputation 97 up 76%.
    Autism 2,247 up 2,247%.
    Coma 492 up 356%.
    Serious: 91,141 up 152%.
    Total/Average of above 165,590 up 105%.

    Why aren’t you reporting this? Why are you telling people it’s perfectly safe?

    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care study for HHS estimates “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported. Low reporting rates preclude or slow identification of vaccines that endanger public health.”

    1% means multiply those numbers by 100 for a first pass. Probably worse, since medical pros are reluctant to admit they pressured people to take a vaccine while misrepresenting the risks as well as the rewards.

      1. FFS, even if vaccines caused autism (which they don’t), they’re not vaccinating young kids.

  2. Nice try. It’s from the CDC VAERS reporting website. I looked it up myself.

    They ARE covid-vaccinating kids in trials and have been for some time. Child abuse.

    Clearly, you don’t know that vaccines don’t cause autism.

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