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Is SB 276 a Civil Rights Issue?

Wait, what? SB 276? The vaccine bill in California? Why are some folks thinking that SB 276 is a civil rights issue?

How is SB 276 a civil rights issue?
How is SB 276 a civil rights issue?

Oh, it’s the usual suspects again…

Is SB 276 a Civil Rights Issue?

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time that Bob Sears has promoted the idea that vaccine laws were the same as segregation and other civil rights issues.

“In my opinion, this is a new type of discrimination at its worst. It’s taking a new class of vulnerable children — the vaccine-compromised — and saying that because they refuse to finish their damn shots, they don’t get school. Forget separate but equal. This is separate … and NOTHING! No school at all. Soon it’s going to be no playgrounds and no drinking fountains either. Hey, the last time our government did this to a group of people, at least they GOT drinking fountains. They even got to ride buses, as long as they sat in the back. Because our government said “those people” were not safe for the rest of us to be around, and our society stood by and let it happen. And the discrimination we perpetrated on our equals so many years ago is one of the great evils our country is still guilty of. Is that what this article, and the California SB 276 bill it’s supporting, is asking us to go back to?”

Bob Sears

Are parents who can’t send their kids to school because they choose to intentionally skip or delay vaccines really the same as kids who are discriminated against because of their race?

SB 276 promotes segregation?
SB 276 promotes segregation?

Is SB 276, which simply eliminates the loophole that allows doctors to write inappropriate medical exemptions, really a civil rights issue?

An upside down American flag to protest a law to get kids vaccinated and protected?
An upside down American flag to protest a law to get kids vaccinated and protected?

Is SB 276 really like racism, human trafficking, LGBT discrimination, gun violence, refugee rights, sexual harassment and assault, and continued discrimination for people with disabilities, etc.?

If anything, SB 276 protects the civil rights of students with disabilities.

Consider kids with true medical exemptions who get quarantined when an intentionally unvaccinated child starts an outbreak.

“During an outbreak or potential outbreak of a vaccine-preventable disease such as measles, school officials should follow existing laws and policies in a non-discriminatory manner, and should seek guidance from and defer to public health authorities in considering whether, for these students with disabilities, school officials can continue to safely make a reasonable modification to a policy, practice, or procedure that otherwise requires vaccinations in order to attend school.”

Addressing the Risk of Measles in Schools while Protecting the Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities

By eliminating unnecessary exemptions and getting more kids vaccinated and protected, SB 276 will help to stop the outbreaks that have been on the rise. It will help kids with true medical exemptions avoid quarantines and stay in school.

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