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Did Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Kids?

The myth that Bill Gates didn’t vaccinate his own kids was debunked nearly a year ago, but that doesn’t keep anti-vaccine folks from bringing it up…

“A hoax website published an unfounded story claiming that a former doctor for Bill Gates said the philanthropist refused to vaccinate his own children. Gates and his wife, Melinda, have invested billions of dollars to research, develop and deliver vaccines around the world to help reduce child mortality.”

Website falsely claims Bill Gates refused to vaccinate his own children

Not surprisingly, they don’t mention the doctor’s name.

Did Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Kids?

Actually, they don’t provide any evidence at all, which seems to be just fine with most folks who are anti-vaccine and who are simply looking for anything to help them justify their decision to leave their kids unvaccinated and unprotected.

Which closed door medical symposium were they at?

What about the idea that you aren’t violating HIPAA or breaking doctor-patient confidentiality because you are talking to other doctors?

Fortunately, that’s not how HIPAA works.

You can only talk to other providers if they are also involved in the treatment of your patient. You can’t tell other doctors confidential details about your patients just because they are also doctors!

You could tell them things you read about them publicly though, including the fact that Bill and Melinda Gates understood the importance of vaccines long before they had their first child.

“Twenty-five years ago, we read an article that said hundreds of thousands of kids in poor countries were dying from diarrhea. That surprise helped crystallize our values. We believe in a world where innovation is for everyone—where no child dies from a disease it’s possible to prevent. But what we saw was a world still shaped by inequity.”

Bill & Melinda Gates on Our Annual Letter

Do you will still believe that Bill and Melinda Gates didn’t vaccinate their kids?

“I’d like to start by telling you about my wife Melinda’s Aunt Myra. We see her a few times a year. Aunt Myra worked for many years taking reservations for Delta Airlines. She lived in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina, and then she moved to Dallas, Melinda’s hometown. She loves to see our kids. When we all get together, she’ll sit down on the floor and play games with them. Aunt Myra also has polio. She’s in braces, and she has been ever since she was a little girl.

Our children only know what polio is because of their aunt. Otherwise, the disease would just be another historical fact they learn about in school.”

Bill Gates

What do you need to see to convince you?

“While the rich world is cutting down in tobacco use, it’s growing in the poor world. AIDS and TB are really a phenomenon of the poor world. When I say the poor world of course I mean the majority of the world, anything outside the enclave that most of us here are privileged to live in and the kind of vaccines and things that we take for granted not only for ourselves, but also for our children.”

Bill Gates at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2001

A pic of them getting vaccinated, like we did with Mark Zuckerberg?

“So many of us who are parents in the room go to our pediatricians; and we take for granted the vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, polio, measles, mumps, rubella. But things you don’t even think about getting in this country are real scourges in the developing world. And so that’s where we started with the foundation and from there we branched out into doing more work in AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. But I think it’s important for you all to realize that at the core of what we do are children’s issues.”

Melinda French Gates at the Children’s Hospital Foundation

A copy of their children’s immunization records, or would you just think that they were forged?

“It still shocks me today to think about how many children go without basic vaccines that you and I take for granted. A few years ago, Bill and I read a newspaper article about diseases in the developing world. We learned that millions of children die from diseases we thought had been eradicated, diseases like pertussis, hepatitis B, tetanus, and yellow fever. Every year, nearly three quarters of a million people, most of them children, die of measles. Measles!

These children are dying not because we don’t have vaccines to prevent these diseases. They’re dying because the vaccines we have aren’t reaching the people who need them.”

Melinda French Gates at the 2007 World Economic Forum

How about a statement that their kids are fully vaccinated?

All three of Bill and Melinda Gates' children are fully vaccinated.

Be more skeptical.

Vaccines are safe, with few risks, and are necessary.

Of course Bill and Melinda Gates vaccinate their kids.

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13 thoughts on “Did Bill Gates Vaccinate His Own Kids?”

  1. Sorry I wouldn’t wish harm upon anyone. Thats why I don’t understand why I was mandated vaccines which subsequently ruined my life. So I don’t understand why bill gates decided to harm others rather than help. Vaccines aren’t helping but clean water sanitation etc might do the trick. There are so many other ways he could help.

  2. So where, in any of those comments did Gates or even Zuckerberg say “I vaccinated my kids” or “when I vaccinated my kids….” ?

    1. Exactly. “Not surprisingly, they don’t mention anything proving Gates had his kids vaccinated.” You can bet that he doesn’t get the shots either. Vaccines are for the deplorable herd, not the multi-billionaire elites and their progeny. His father was a Eugenicist; see a vid on youtube called “Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?” by reallygraceful from Mar. 31, 2020.

  3. Very true Laura. Immunisation works on the basis that if 95+% of people are vaccinated, chances are very slim that those who have not been vaccinated will get a disease. The elite inject our children with poison so that their kids can be safe.

  4. So literally no evidence whatsoever that the Gates’ vaxxinated their own children? Got it!

    A single pic of them saying that they did is utterly worthless.
    Of course they would lie about it if they didn’t, otherwise they would be revealed for the supreme hypocrites that they probably are.

  5. I say we hold the whole gates family down and inject them with their own vaccines! Let’s start with Willy the worm and his soon to be Covid-19 vaccine!

  6. This article claims ‘no evidence’ and then makes their claim he did with what? No evidence.

  7. Hmmm, yes, I’m now totally convinced…. That you were paid to spread this nonsense by these 2 despicable excuses for humans. This is supposed to somehow be journalism? Give me a break!

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