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Do Vaccines Cause Strabismus?

Vaccines can do a lot of things.

They can prevent you from getting a life-threatening disease, sometimes even after you have been exposed. And if you do get sick when vaccinated, the vaccine can often help to make sure the disease isn’t as severe as it might have been if you were unvaccinated. They can also keep you from getting sick and exposing others, including those who are at extra risk for severe disease.

Vaccines also get blamed for doing a lot of other things, namely for causing vaccine injuries.

These types of vaccine injury stories often scare other parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.
These types of vaccine injury stories often scare other parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

While, of course, vaccines aren’t risk free, they don’t actually cause most of the bad things you read about on the Internet.

What Causes Strabismus?

Strabismus isn’t a disease. It is simply a term that describes a misalignment of your child’s eyes.

“At birth, an infant’s eyes cannot always focus directly on objects. They may appear to move quite independently at first, sometimes crossing, and sometimes wandering outward. But by the age of three to four months, an infant’s eyes should have the ability to focus on small objects and the eyes should be straight or parallel. A six-month-old infant should be able to focus on both distant and near objects.”

Prevent Blindness America on Is Strabismus Present at Birth?

To be more specific, children with strabismus can have:

  • esotropia – the eye turns inward
  • exotropia – the eye turns outward
  • hyertropia – the eye turns upward
  • hypotropia – the eye turns downward

And we get especially concerned when strabismus leads to amblyopia – decreased vision in the affected eye.

Some specific things that cause strabismus include:

  • third nerve (III) palsy
  • fourth nerve (IV) palsy – superior oblique muscle
  • sixth nerve (VI) palsy – lateral rectus muscle
  • Brown syndrome
  • Duane syndrome

Often, we don’t know why kids have strabismus, although it is thought that at least 50% of them are born with it, even if it isn’t recognized until they are older.

“Most strabismus is the result of an abnormality of the neuromuscular (including brain) control of eye movement. Our understanding of these control centers in the brain remains incomplete. Less commonly, a problem with the actual eye muscle may cause strabismus.”

AAPOS on What causes strabismus?

Kids with cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, hydrocephalus, and brain tumors are thought to be at higher risk for developing strabismus.

Do Vaccines Cause Strabismus?

And because we don’t always know what causes strabismus, that leads some folks to want to blame vaccines.

Interestingly, one study, Prevalence of Amblyopia and Strabismus in White and African-American Children Aged 6 through 71 Months: The Baltimore Pediatric Eye Disease Study, found that strabismus was rare in infants and that while higher in older kids, “there was no clear trend for increasing or decreasing prevalence after age 12 months.”

If strabismus was caused by vaccines, wouldn’t you expect to see more infants with strabismus and a consistent rise in cases as kids continued to get vaccines until they go to kindergarten?

Do any studies support the idea that vaccines do cause strabismus?


There are a few case reports, but it is important to remember that a case report is basically a gloried anecdote. It is not the kind of high quality evidence you really want if you are trying to make a case trying to prove causality.

The biggest evidence against vaccines causing strabismus?

Strabismus isn’t new.

The first cases were reported over 3500 years ago and the first surgical repairs were being done in the early 19th Century.

So why do some folks think that strabismus is a vaccine injury? Mostly it is because some folks think that everything is a vaccine injury.

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8 thoughts on “Do Vaccines Cause Strabismus?”

    1. this is a load of crap. i can tell a distinct difference in my extremely healthy unvaxxed kids. wake up!!

  1. Idiotic bird brained doctor puts a picture of a healthy baby and has no connection with his reasoning why she went from symmetrical eyes to a lazy eye.

    1. Exactly! What a fucken twat. These dickheads don’t realise that these articles only reinforce our beliefs on the poisons. Pro vax folks will soon catch on to the idiotic articles vaxopedia has to offer!

  2. There are accounts in the vaccine injury court for a payout for this kind of injury. I went back and viewed all my grand daughters baby pictures non of this until after her 6 month shots. Eye’s completely focused and tracking.. now we have patches and a very obvious wandering eye. She was having an issue wearing the patch so we looked for options online and totally amazing to me there are so many patches now out there, 3 kids in daycare. When I had kids in the 88 never saw any of this. The vaccines were given later and only 7-11 until school ago. I didn’t allow my kids vaccines until age 12 month and requested one at a time.. my doctor supported this.

    1. @Idav Hi there, do you know where I can find accounts of the vaccine court paying out for this type of injury?

  3. My daughter had perfectly straight eyes at her wellness checkup. At that time she had the pneumoncoccl vaccine. Two days later she had a cough so we took her back in. There the doctor noted her right eye was a little turned in. By the next day it was completely turned in. I took her to a surgeon who had been working for 35 years and had never seen anything like it. Now we have considerable learning issues because the surgery she had was mostly cosmetic and her eye doesn’t follow with the other when reading.

  4. Anthony Tyrrell

    Yup. infection or vaccine can cause eye palsy. Happened to me in the early 1970’s. lots of therapy and a surgery at 40 and I still struggle.

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