Which Vaccines Are Vegan

The rabies vaccine is made with gelatin. Are you going to skip it if your vegan child is bit by a rabid dog?
This rabies vaccine is made with gelatin. Are you going to skip it if your vegan child is bit by a rabid dog?

Vegans do not eat meat, fish, poultry, etc., and also do not use animal products or their by-products.

So in addition to eating a plant-based diet, like vegetarians, you also don’t eat eggs or cheese, drink milk, or wear leather, etc.

Are Vaccines Vegan?

Since many vaccines contain some ingredients, like gelatin, that are derived from animals, they aren’t considered to be vegan.

Still, since there aren’t many vegan vaccines, it isn’t possible or practical to avoid getting vaccinated, so most vegans do seem to get their families vaccinated and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Although people argue both ways, you should consider that:

  • many medicines, like Tamiflu, aren’t vegan, so what happens if you get sick with a vaccine-preventable disease?
  • many of the ingredients in vaccines that aren’t considered to be vegan are removed in final processing and aren’t present in the final vaccine, except in residual amounts
  • vaccines save lives, both human lives and animal lives
  • if you are not vaccinated and you get sick, you put others at risk for getting sick too

And mostly understand that just like people abuse religious exemptions and medical exemptions, many vegans don’t vaccinate solely because they are against vaccines.

Which Vaccines Are Vegan

So are any vaccines really vegan?

A newer flu vaccine, FluBlok, definitely is. It is produced using an insect cell line and grown in serum-free medium.

What To Know About Vaccines and Vegans

You can be vegan and feel comfortable about your decision to get your family vaccinated and protected against vaccine-preventable diseases. You can be a pro-vaccine vegan.

More About Vaccines and Vegans


8 thoughts on “Which Vaccines Are Vegan

    1. Smh. You are Not An Educated Vegan. We are totally Against These Man Made Toxic Lab rat C.D.C approved w help from FDAddicts That Want To Practice Cannibalism At All Costs. Which means poisoning Us and our Precious Innocent Healthy Babies (In the womb & Just New Born). I Say We Continue to Read Lables,ingredients, and Trsearch who is approving these Hybrid Chemically grown Lab 🐀 rat/insect Vaccinations. And maintain Integrity, Common Sense, Humanity & Honesty as we Teach & PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM.
      THESE Walking Dead/Frankenstein vaccs.


    2. Listen mom do your research look up FDA CDC the health Ranger and then look up a very intelligent man named dr. Sebi he has helped to heal cure millions of people from across the Earth from this eases an illness is do not allow anyone 2 Poison your body or your child with toxics that will only cause cancer cells if you resort to those type of needles and drugs you are putting down your guard you should look into Dr sebi and alkaline lifestyle food groceries herbal medicines for your sake and your children/Family!!! Its a big buisness to sell chemicals. . . be a Smart Vegan. And get an exempt for & Research. Veganism i
      Means No to Vaccs/poosen/AdHd learning disabilities, etc.


    3. You need to watch vaccines revealed episode one get deeper into vaccine safety which pro vaccine and ant should agree on… fight for scientific studies that use accurat placebo and control groups vaccine companies can not be sued for faulty design.. why not? They cleave zero incentive to follow the rules.. things are fast tracked and old vaccines and rabbit. Blood or trial vaccines are used as the placebo.. which is fraud. Be informed both sides people!!


  1. “A newer flu vaccine, FluBlok, definitely is. It is produced using an insect cell line and grown in serum-free medium.”

    If it’s using a inset cell then how is it “definitely Vegan”? I think you have the terms “Vegetarian” and “Vegan” mixed up.


  2. This is a joke you can’t be vegan and pro vaccine. There is so much cow serum in vaccines and poor baby cows are slawdered in the process. It’s inhumane.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank You Please Say it Again. These People can not be😱 gullable😨, lacking Sense that you Will Trust A corporation thats job os to sell u a Shot/needle 💉😢👶😷😵😈 to You & Your Babies/Child… Side Effects…Autism is rinnong rampid whithin the last 2 Decades…No to Human Slavery, Racism, & Animal 🐗🐭🐰🐤🐷🐮Slavery!!! And Hell No to Cannibalism/Vaccs. Have Tons of Chemicals & animal strands. So many Learning disabilities had a host; came from somewhere…


    1. I wish my vegan daughter would listen to you she’s moved out to live with her solid pro-vaccine mobwuestions asked fathers mother ( nana) and won’t even discuss the HPV alone do you have any good sources I could point her too?


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