Mike Pence on Vaccines


Governor Mike Pence has said and done things that cast doubt about just how strongly he supports getting all of our children vaccinated.

Pence lobbied against an Indiana bill whose goal was to increase low HPV vaccination rates in the state and allowed critics to change the Indiana State Department of Health’s evidence-based public health messaging practices, despite urging from many health experts in the state.

The GOP Vice Presidential candidate did issue a statement about his views about vaccines in 2015, saying that:

Indiana law requires all children be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases like the measles by getting vaccinated. Vaccines protect all our children from illnesses, and our administration strongly urges Hoosier families to have their children vaccinated.

His actions make you wonder though if he agrees with many of the HPV vaccine myths  that scare parents away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

For more information:

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