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Epigenetics and Vaccine Injuries

Most people are aware of terms like genome (your complete set of genetic material ), chromosomes, DNA, and genes, etc.

What about your epigenome and epigenetics?

Are you clear on how they work?

Epigenetics and Vaccine Injuries

Probably not, and that’s how some folks get away with scaring people away from vaccinating their kids by talking about epigenetics.

Unlike mutations, which change the DNA sequence, epigenetic changes occur when particular chemical compounds are added to genes, attach to DNA, and modify the genes function. It’s what helps determine whether one of our cells, which all contain the same DNA, becomes a skin cell or a heart cell or a muscle cell, etc.

Epigenetics also helps explain why identical twins usually don’t look exactly the same.

And like a mutation, it is thought that these epigenetic changes can be inherited, although most are reset when we pass them on to our kids.

Epigenetics does not explain vaccine injuries though.

There is no link between epigenetics, vaccines, and autism.

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