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Package Inserts for Vaccines

The package inserts for vaccines are not as useful as many parents believe, especially if they are trying to do research about vaccines.

No, it is not because your pediatrician won’t let you read them, after all, package inserts for each and every vaccine are easy to find.

And it certainly isn’t because package inserts are hiding information that would keep you from getting your kids vaccinated if you were more aware of it.

Again, vaccine package inserts are easy to find.

It is that some of the information in the vaccine package insert is not what you think it is.

Package Inserts for Vaccines

For example, in addition to Data from Clinical Studies, the Adverse Reactions section includes side effects that are voluntarily reported and for which “it may not be possible to reliably estimate their frequency or establish a causal relationship to vaccine exposure.”

What does that mean?

Just because a side effect is in the package insert, depending on the section, it doesn’t automatically mean that it was caused by the vaccine. That is why autism and SIDS are listed as adverse events for the Tripedia vaccine.

SIDS and autism are listed in Tripedia package insert, but are not causally linked to the vaccine.
SIDS and autism are listed in Tripedia package insert, but are not causally linked to the vaccine.

In fact, many studies have shown that there is no causal relation between vaccines and autism or vaccines and SIDS.

Package inserts are useful, but you should understand why and how they were written and how to read them if you are going to add them to your vaccine research.

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3 thoughts on “Package Inserts for Vaccines”

  1. Package inserts made me think about the “aviation insert” in the seat in front of you when you fly, thus acknowledging that flying isn’t 100% guaranteed to be 100% safe. So If the anti vaxx arguments were used against the aviation industry :
    • 100,000 aeroplanes in the 1980s ballooned into 360,000 in 2008 and into 490,000 now.
    • A selective or alternative travel schedule is safer.
    • Aeroplanes are not vigorously tested before being approved by the FAA.
    • Aeroplanes carry more passengers now than ever.
    • Aeroplanes contain aluminium
    • Aeroplanes contain lots of chemicals.
    • Aeroplanes don’t really work.
    • All people are different – I need a custom designed aeroplane just for me
    • All the studies are by the Govt (FAA) and I don’t trust them
    • Amish don’t fly and don’t have autism
    • An FAA employee “blew the whistle”
    • An Italian Court agreed that aeroplanes cause autism
    • Anti flying taxi drivers are being murdered !
    • Aren’t planes made for adults?
    • Aviation accident compensation scheme requires undeniable proof
    • Aviation court has paid out billions to aviation-injured children.
    • Aviation gas has carcinogens.
    • Centuries ago people didn’t use to worry about aviation accidents.
    • Flying causes shaken baby syndrome.
    • Flying causes autism ! Just look at this graph comparing flying rates with autism rates !
    • Flying goes against some or most religions.
    • Flying is banned in many countries
    • Flying is dangerous
    • Flying just encourages people to join the mile high club and have sex.
    • Ginger Taylor has a list of (124) papers showing a flying autism link
    • Group travel isn’t real.
    • I use Aviation Safety Net to do my aviation research.
    • I’m pro-safe flying. I’m not anti-flying.
    • Increased travel is due to cars not planes
    • It is just “Big Aviation” trying to make money – I’m walking.
    • It is safer to wait until your kids are older before flying
    • Jenny McCarthy isn’t anti flying – she just wants safer planes
    • Kids who don’t fly are healthier than those who do
    • Many countries banned flying
    • Many experts are against flying
    • Miss America 1994 Became deaf from flying
    • More flying is linked to higher rates of death from flying.
    • More people fly in the U.S. than other developed countries.
    • Most adults havent flown recently
    • Most aviations side effects aren’t reported by doctors.
    • Most people don’t fly.
    • Natural travel is better.
    • No one else is at risk if I don’t fly !
    • One more aviation study
    • Parents are not legally obligated to fly with their kids.
    • Pilots don’t take their own kids flying
    • Pilots don’t learn anything about aeroplanes.
    • Pilots with different views are banned
    • Seat Inserts with escape instructions – They admit that flying isn’t safe
    • Taking alternative forms of travel isn’t that serious.
    • The anti-flying movement is growing.
    • The one-size fits all travel itinerary
    • There have been no studies comparing the health of flying people with non flying people.
    • This graph shows that flying doesn’t work
    • Too many too soon – flying too often isn’t natural.
    • We should only travel “naturally” because natural = healthy
    • Why are we still forcing our kids to fly ?
    • You can not sue if you are injured in an aviation accident.
    • You can’t trust statistics because flying accident notification isn’t mandatory
    • You need to “Detox” after flying

    I do understand that many people have concerns about vaccines. I do not intend to mock – but to encourage people to be more questioning, by highlighting that many of the arguments are based on
    • a lack of knowledge of what is actually happening, and
    • an unrealistic standard applied to vaccines – that people don’t apply to other areas of their lives
    I hope that the above examples encourage anti vaxxers to think more critically about the arguments that they use, and the information sources that they use to justify them.

    1. How come there has been no study of vaccines versus placebos? You did fully intend on mocking those. Now you can mock all you want. How many attorney commercials do you see suing drug companies? How come vaccines are protected from liability damage and are impossible to sue? How come the CDC admitted the polio virus contained cancer causing agents? How come more and more people come forward saying their children were fine before a vaccine? Do you know the answer to any of these?? These are all fair questions that a die hard believer in vaccines like you,should be able to completely refute off the top of your brain. Are these unrealistic standards from a simpleton not capable of critical thinking?? Since I enjoyed your comment of insane logic so well. I bet you think aspartame is great, round up is good for the farm, and fluoride is actually a great cavity fighter.

      1. “How come there has been no study of vaccines versus placebos?”

        You can blame the Nazis for that. After their crimes were exposed, deliberately depriving people of medical treatment just to find out how many die went a bit out of style. Besides, it’s really hard to find parents willing to flip a coin about their children’s health. Either the parents are sane, and don’t want their children randomly deprived of vaccines, or they are antivax weirdos who don’t want their children randomly given life-saving treatment.

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