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Who is Geert Vanden Bossche?

You probably haven’t heard of Geert Vanden Bossche.

Geert Vanden Bossche is a Veterinary Virologist who has called for the immediate end to COVID-19 vaccination campaigns.

Unless you run in anti-vaccine circles…

Who is Geert Vanden Bossche?

Not that Geert Vanden Bossche is anti-vaccine (well, at least he says he isn’t…)

“As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists.”

To all authorities, scientists and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entire world population.

He just thinks that our COVID-19 vaccines, as good as they are, will lead to a global disaster, as they promote the creation and spread of highly infectious variants.

“When one follows the science,and nothing but the science, it becomes extremely difficult to not label ongoing mass vaccination campaigns as a crime, not only to public health but also to individual health.”

Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern.

He also seems to be against lockdowns.

And thinks he has a better solution!

“Last, a section will be dedicated to the scientific rationale for using NK cell-based vaccines that could provide sterilizing immunity and hence, wipe out Covid-19 and related variants all together.”

Immediate cancellation of all ongoing Covid-19 mass vaccination campaigns should now become THE most acute health emergency of international concern.

Is he right?

“Vanden Bossche received his DVM from the University of Ghent, Belgium, and his PhD degree in Virology from the University of Hohenheim, Germany. He held adjunct faculty appointments at universities in Belgium and Germany. After his career in Academia, Geert joined several vaccine companies (GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals) to serve various roles in vaccine R&D as well as in late vaccine development. Geert then moved on to join the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s GH Discovery team as SPO and later on to work with GAVI as Senior Ebola Program Manager; he subsequently joined the German Center for Infection Research as Head of the Vaccine Development Office. Geert is now primarily serving as a Biotech/ Vaccine consultant while also conducting his own research on NK cell-based vaccines. His work is driven by a relentless passion to translate scientific breakthrough findings into competitive vaccine products. As a creative thinker, innovator, entrepreneur and visionary, Geert has been invited to speak at multiple international congresses.”

Why don’t our vaccines reach the high-hanging fruit?

Is he developing an NK cell-based COVID-19 vaccine?

Should we stop vaccinating people in the middle of a pandemic that has already killed over 500,000 people in the United States alone on the word of someone who is board certified in Veterinary Virology, Microbiology and Animal Hygiene and hasn’t published a research paper since 1995?

Wait, who says that Geert Vanden Bossche is a world renown vaccine specialist and one of the world's top vaccine experts???
Wait, who says that Geert Vanden Bossche is a world renown vaccine specialist and one of the world’s top vaccine experts???

Someone who has never published any research about vaccines?

“I founded Univac as inventor of a new vaccine technology which I subsequently further developed as CSO of the Company. The technology enables the development of universal vaccines educating the host immune system to redirect immune targeting away from canonical antigens to a widely divergent spectrum of vitally vulnerable pathogen-derived ‘self-mimicking’ antigens, irrespective of MHC polymorphism. Although ‘non-self’ and exposed on the surface of infected or pathologically altered cells, these antigens are not effectively recognised upon natural infection or disease.

This new type of vaccines harnesses the power of the immune system by unlocking the untapped potential of self-centered Natural Killer (NK) cells capable of recognising these unconventional antigens.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD LinkedIn Profile

Never published any research about vaccines, even though he supposedly invented a new type of universal vaccines based on NK cells…

Perhaps the same NK cell-based vaccines that he proposes should replace the COVID-19 vaccines we are using today? Does he have a patent on one of these vaccines or something???

Geert Vanden Bossche has a lot to say.

“Vaccine deployment in the ongoing mass immunization campaigns are highly likely to further enhance (adaptive) immune escape as none of the current vaccines will prevent replication/ transmission of viral variants.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

But don’t let him scare you away from wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, or getting vaccinated and protected.

Angela Rasmussen, a virologist who has published dozens of papers about viruses and vaccination, including articles about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, calls Geert Vanden Bossche concerns baseless.
Angela Rasmussen is a virologist who has published dozens of papers about viruses and vaccination, including articles about SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

His concerns have been described as baseless.

“I’ve alerted all responsible health and regulatory authorities, including WHO, CDC, FDA etc. and have asked to consider my concern and to immediately open the discussion about the disastrous consequences any further immune escape of Covid-19 would have.

I know, of course, that current mass vaccination campaigns enjoy vigorous and world-wide support from a multitude of different parties/ stakeholders. However, unless I am proven wrong, this cannot be an excuse for ignoring that mankind may currently be transforming a quite harmless virus into an uncontrollable monster. I’ve never been that serious about a statement I made.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

And it should be quite obvious to everyone that SARS-CoV-2 is much more dangerous than the “quite harmless virus” that Geert Vanden Bossche describes.

Plus, we already know that many of our vaccines do work against many of the new variants, although they are less effective against some new variants, and it is clear that experts are certainly not ignoring this issue.

“Understanding these dynamics helps to comprehend the sophisticated course of a natural CoV pandemic, how it eventually merges into an endemic infection and why human intervention has a highly detrimental impact on the refined interplay between the virus and its host.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

Most importantly, we know the consequences if we listened to him and stopped the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns – millions more people would die, although Vanden Bossche is much more worried about continuing our plans to get everyone vaccinated.

“I am beyond worried about the disastrous impact this would have on our human ‘race’.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, PhD

The answer, if immune evasion does become a bigger problem, is the development of next generation COVID-19 vaccines, not letting everyone get COVID-19.

More on Geert Vanden Bossche

73 thoughts on “Who is Geert Vanden Bossche?”

  1. Very snarky post. I love the attempt at labelling him an anti-vaccine person when he has spent almost his entire career researching and producing vaccines, and is still doing so. Then finish it off by trying to marginalize and discredit him as un-published, and just a Veterinarian.

    Someone with as much experience and accomplishments in the field of Vaccine R&D as Mr. Bossche should at least be taken seriously enough to review his data and debate his theory, and not just write it off as “baseless” without any scientific data and/or explanation to support it. As if giving the credentials of someone calling it baseless is sufficient.

    And before you attack me as a “anti-vaccine” person, myself and my family are fully vaccinated.

    1. The data is reviewed and experts in the field don’t believe that his concerns are valid. Multiple citations supporting the claims in the article are included.

      The logical endpoints of Bossche’s claims is that there be no COVID-19 vaccination program at all. Over 2.6 million people have died from this virus. It has been just more than a year. Dr. Ianelli is completely correct in everything he states in this article.

      1. “experts in the field don’t believe that his concerns are valid. Multiple citations supporting the claims in the article are included.”
        That does not seem to be correct. The list of links underneath have little of any relevance to Geert’s statements in his video and pdf and the only other link to some other expert was a dud: Rasmussen just did a single tweet. No references or rebuttals. I really, really would like a good scientific retort of Geert’s claims.

      2. 2.6 million people have died,yes. 98% have simply died, few from something PROVEN to be nothing other than Influenza A or B, as ‘Covid-19’ is a made-up name for sales.

        Parroting liars and lies is what put us down this road, but to people such as yourself, I HIGHLY encourage you to get your ‘jab’.


      3. Maybe you and many of the experts are either intrisically linked to the Chemical companies, or simply do not understand the underpinning of his statements. He does not say the vaccines are bad, he actually says they are good. What he states clearly is that they are being administered at the wrong time which is when there is an active pandemic going on. These so called vaccines…. which do not fit the original definition from the CDC, are prophelactic, they should be administered BEFORE there is wide spread infection. Now the virus is spreading like wildfire all the vaccine is doing is teach the virus how to circumnavigate it. This was initiated by the trials in Brasil, the UK and South Africa. where under par immune reactions allowed the virus to mutate, and while it is “wild” in the populace it will continue to happen, and as the vaccine is overpowering the innate immune system for Covid infections all those vaccinated will be far more vulnerable to be seriously ill, and probably many will have fatal reactions as they fall foul of cytokane storms, just as the previous ferret trials did, and currently 80% of the rats who were tested for their reaction after innoculation.

      4. He isn’t the only one voicing concerns about potentiating a more dangerous variant.
        His background in veterinary science is interesting because we know from veterinary experience (where protocols are much less careful) that non-sterilizing (leaky) prophylactic vaccines carry the risk of potentiating the (imperfectly matched evolutionary pressure) evolution of a much worse strain that kills virtually every host.
        It’s not about the preeminence of various authorities, it’s about the substance of what he is saying.

      5. I didn’t read one credible fact that you purport when you state that Dr. Ianelli is completely correct. The fact is that there are no more deaths this past year than in the past several years. There are many sites that disagree with your findings. It is also common knowledge that there were nothing close to 500,000 deaths from Covid. Hospitals were told that even if a patient has a heart attack or die in an automobile crash, it should be labeled as death from Covid. Two weeks ago on the CDC website, it reported that over 966 people already died. Why is it that the Covid-19 vaccine was patented years before the virus was developed? There are many viruses way more deadly than Covid. Why aren’t vaccines available for all those, and why aren’t we forced to get them? There are many more doctors who are warning about the deaths this vaccine will cause. I personally think that every medical doctor that pushes these vaccines should lose their medical license. After all, the oath states to first do no harm.

      6. Reminiscent of the scientist who alerted the Manhattan Project that nuclear fission explosion might set the atmosphere’s nitrogen on fire and worth noting how Oppenheimer managed the ensuing ruckus successfully.

        GvdB is under no obligation to publish trade secrets so his lack of scientific papers is impertinent.

        His lay message boils down to whether there is a direct parallel between how antibiotic resistance develops for bacterial infections and leaky vaccines administered during the midst of an ongoing pandemic to every person on this planet in a drawn out process over several years.

        Is this risk of creating the time and opportunity for myriad mutations to emerge then a false all or nothing fallacy?

        Consider the mortality below say age 60, given vulnerable groups get the opportunity to be vaccinated, does the marginal if any benefit to the under 60s warrant the above downside?

      7. Which experts? Can you name them please because I have 12 vaccine experts that say the same thing as Geert. I’d like to research the other side as well.

      8. Critical Thinker

        There are absolutely “experts in the field” who have published peer-reviewed research that support his concerns, long before this pandemic or his call to action.

        For a great example see this paper from 2015, which Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche has absolutely no affiliation with: “Imperfect Vaccination Can Enhance the Transmission of Highly Virulent Pathogens” “journals.plos.org/plosbiology/article?id=10.1371%2Fjournal.pbio.1002198”.

        Your arrogant and overly simplistic dismissal, coupled with an absence of references to primary sources, are a big hint that you have no intention of fostering a scientific discussion based on facts.

        Forget this article, go watch the 54 minute presentation by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche to get a taste for the nuances of his argument, then make up your own mind (Geert Vanden Bossche & Peter McCullough Webinar: Presentation by Geert Vanden Bossche: “youtube.com/watch?v=2LSMpuQcTSE” ).

        To any readers out there I highly recommend you avoid this whole website, since it appears to be a cesspool of disinformation, character assassination attempts, and logical fallacies. It only comes up as a top result in search engines because it abuses SEO techniques, and conforms to a narrative that is being absolutely forced down the throat of the masses.

        There is a tremendous amount of contradictory information out there – I know it can seem hopeless – still you must roll up your sleeves and think critically yourself.

      9. Stacey Ann Tosh

        I wonder if they believe his concerns are valid now that exactly what he said would happen is happening

      10. Sir Andrew Pollard, Chief Investigator of the Oxford vaccine, Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group and Chair of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, has shared somewhat similar thoughts to Bossche.

        That herd immunity cannot be achieved with the vaccine, and that the focus should be on getting vaccines only to those who are most vulnerable.

        Given his credentials (and given that he would have nothing to gain by speaking out against the use of the vaccine he helped develop), I trust Sir Pollard more than I trust a pediatrician posting a hit piece with a single tweet presented as counter evidence (I trust there’s no rebuttal of substance in the mass of links dumped at the end, or else it would have been presented in the main post).

      11. Completely correct? Hardly. How about addressing his Dr. Ianelli’s claim that the vaccines reduce transmission? Laughable and completely baseless. And the virus takes long to mutate? Really? See the new variant out of Singapore?

    2. And I would like to point out that Veterinary Medicine intertwines with Big Pharma in a profound way. Personally, I’m in favor of other vaccine options… we all should want that. His voice of caution has been heeded.

    3. I totally agree with your comment. This pseudo “ vaxopedia” is indeed an organization to spread lies; plain and simple

    4. The WHO has radically revised its recommendation that PCR test used to diagnose COVID infections use a Cycle Threshold up to 45 cycles which gives almost 100% false positive results. We know that the identification of COVID has bee highly flawed and a fraction of those identified as being COVID ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ have been misdiagnosed.

    5. The new variation poped up at the same place and time of the beggining of the vacination: england om december 2020. Case closed. Geert is right.

    6. The treatments for covid – 19 proposed by the flccc Drs & others that were working,were declared unsafe & these Dr,s rather than taking them seriously & testing their theories…treatments were hindered, drug usage illegalised & even banned..Thousands left to die.Now months later, their treatments are slowly being taken up- only due to their compassion & integrious use of science.This rings similar alarm bells.

  2. More rhetoric. Both this article and that Vet. Are for population control. People are really ignorant do your research there is so much counterintelligence on the web

  3. What?? The ANSWER to if immune evasion does become a bigger problem, is the development of next generation COVID-19 vaccines???!! Give your head a shake! So, if you shoot yourself with one gun, the answer is to shoot yourself with a different gun and expect a different result? Your article is baseless. Let’s debate the science not the man. Perhaps, Dr. Vanden Bossche is warning about something we should be taking a closer look at.

    P.S.: Wouldn’t it make sense that a virologist have education in animals when vaccinations are often developed using animal tissues/cells…and…animal trials are used to test vaccinations prior to human trials?! Hmmmmm.

    1. Vandenbossche is not a virologist.
      On Google Scholar, I could find one publication of him having to do with viruses
      On Pubmed just one publication among the first 100 (at 93) by a different G. Vandenbossche.
      “Comment j’explore … Un patient avec un érythème palmaire”

  4. All the dude is saying is to wait until we understand more about the origins of the virus before we start mass-vaccinating for strains that will change/mutate by the next day, rendering the vaccine useless while impacting our natural immune system. COVID isn’t over, it’s far from over, and trying to mend a wound in the middle of war while you’re still getting attacked is the point he’s trying to make. This whole post is just a snarky attempt to discredit and oversimplify a scientist because it challenges the mass popular idea of our current COVID vaccine, when we SHOULD be questioning everything that has been politicized and monetized for over a year. I am fully vaccinated, but it never hurts to wait and ask questions before injecting your body with a complex serum of cells, and seeing websites like this dedicated to tearing apart and poking holes in well-educated people instead of trying to understand his perspective only furthers my point. As a medical professional I would think you’d be interested in that. You claim he has no published research but a quick Google search pulls up at least 8 publications made through the University of Hohenheim with his name on it since 1995. Did you watch the video he made with Vejon Health a week ago where he goes into detail about his paper before posting this so you could better understand him? Or did you take this paper alone and run with it? Where are your in-depth credentials with viruses and vaccines? Being a pediatrician doesn’t exactly measure up, another reason why spending your time and effort to tear apart someone who’s clearly dedicated his life to this type of work is a little concerning. I would have appreciated a more insightful approach.

    Making sure we have full understanding of what we’re going to war against is not a bad thing. A year is not long enough to fully understand an ever-mutating virus that has killed so many, and that has the potential to evolve into something we cannot fight.

    1. The origins of the virus are absolutely irrelevant to how to address it in a vaccination campaign. He is being challenged because his ideas are fundamentally wrongheaded. We update vaccines for seasonal influenza all the time and they show important reductions in morbidity and mortality each season. It’s not a radical concept.

      1. Influenza, is not the same as COVID-19, so your point is a false equivalence logical fallacy.

        Dr Bossche’s credentials are top of the line. This article does not address the science that Dr Bossche is trying to get out to the public; instead, it focuses on attempting to discredit Dr Bossche (which is yet another logical fallacy called ‘Genetic Fallacy’)

        There is a clear attempt by those who are paid to promote these COVID vaccines to discredit, attack and slander anyone who dares to speak out against them. I wonder if whomever runs this site is paid to write this sort of article. Or at the very least is invested in Pfizer stock (or Moderna, Astra Zeneca, etc) Or, are employed by those with ties to these companies.

        Next time write an article refuting the science instead of the scientist.

      2. Most years Flue vaccines are less than 40% effective, sometimes down to maybe 10% effective, combined with at best a 40% take up, It is just yet another money spinner for the Chemical Companies. Maybe you like mercury swilling around in your brain cavity. Not to mention MSG, and formaldehyd.

      3. » important reductions in morbidity and mortality

        Actually the statistics are controversial. People who get flu shots do not show improved life expectancy long term compared to people who do not.

        The statistics on respiratory illness are often not lab-confirmed cases, pneumonia and flu are intermingled, and cause of death is often confounded by a variety of contributing factors.

      4. The influenza vaccine is updated for every year, yes, but not in the middle of an active pandemic with high infectious pressure and a vaccine that does not prevent transmission. THAT is the difference he is stating here.

    2. Totally concur. I came her looking for valid counter arguments to what I would assume was a valid concern by a professional that had some fundamental flaw. Instead I found a slander piece of low quality. This type of article really does not help this site’s credibility.

    3. » important reductions in morbidity and mortality

      Actually the statistics are controversial. People who get flu shots do not show improved life expectancy long term compared to people who do not.

      The statistics on respiratory illness are often not lab-confirmed cases, pneumonia and flu are intermingled, and cause of death is often confounded by a variety of contributing factors.

  5. Take up Geert’s invitation for a public scientific debate, then post the video here so the world can watch and decide.

  6. It is very telling that such useless polemic critique on Dr Bossche should come up as first Google search result.

  7. …so when Dr. Bossche worked for GAVI, his research, thoughts, ideas, etc. were creditable; however, now that he speaks out against the COVID vaccination narrative he is ‘baseless’…c’mon everyone, which is it?? Is he creditable or non-creditable? Or could this pandemic be so entrenched in politics, it’s no longer about your health, my health, world health? Given that the WHO is working as a corporate entity, and likely the country you live in (as there are 191 countries signed up with the WHO) is contracted with the WHO…we no longer have a choice over our own health care practices. What the WHO directs, contracted companies are REQUIRED to follow, or, they would be in breach of their contract. Ever wonder why the whole world is reacting to this pandemic in the same manner, using the same message and tactics. It’s by design, you don’t have a choice. Strange world we live in. Wouldn’t a democracy at least have a debate on this issue, not a directive? What exactly does it mean to live in a democracy anyways…will need to look that up.

    …and before you call me an anti-vaxxer, let me head your comment off at the pass…I am a vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, treat your body as a temple and ensure your immune system can deal with parasites, bacteria, viruses, advocate. Yes, these natural ingredients can actually help your immunity. Can breathing in your own expelled air, all day, every day, help? Have you asked that question of yourself yet? There really is nothing that comes out of my body, that I want to try and put back in (no matter what orifice it is expelled from)…I think that must be by design, no? Has your employer guaranteed you, that if you get a respiratory disorder due to wearing a mask day in and day out, that they will take on this liability, and compensate you? Likely not, but you should ask them…I would. What if you got severe pneumonia, and could not work? Would your employer have your back?

    And on this same topic of liability, if/when? you get the vaccine, and develop a health issue, who will have your back? Not the vaccine companies, as they have immunity (haha…that’s actually a funny pun that I just realized! Vaccine companies are offering immunity for the COVID virus, and they have immunity to any liability related to the health effects of their product). It’s a win-win!!! Well, a win-win for them. The issue of liability related to the effects of a vaccine was dealt with in 1984 between the government and the vaccine companies…funny, I wasn’t invited to that debate. Did you know that any health care professional that administers (provides?) a pharmaceutical product to you (such as a vaccine) has a DUTY to explain the product to you, and make you aware of any risks or complications that may arise from using the said product. If they do not, THEY (i.e. the doctor, nurse, etc. – just to be clear…not the vaccine making company) become responsible (liable!) for the end result of the product on your body. Isn’t that weird? I think they justify this, as follows (I am definitely paraphrasing here): ‘the potential inherent risk and associated health complication related to the administering of a vaccine is outweighed by the overall “good” the product will have on society’.

    Just do your research, look it up! Why shouldn’t a vaccine company be responsible for their product? Or maybe this should be rephrased to, ‘Why should a vaccine company be responsible for their product? Well, let’s think about this. Imagine a car manufacturer that was not liable if the wheels fell off the car while traveling down a mountain side at 100 mph? How about an elevator manufacturer that couldn’t 100% guarantee a cable wouldn’t snap while you were on the 42nd floor? Aren’t cars and elevators also providing an overall “good” in society? Why don’t these companies also have immunity for their products? Not sure about you, but to me, my Spidey sense is tingling.

    Okay, wow, I cannot believe I wrote this much…I guess it was just kind of stored up in there, waiting to burst out. Final thought: people…there IS a choice for YOUR health care, it is YOUR body, mind, and spirit (sorry, Matt, didn’t mean to steal your slogan, it just fit so darn well here!), so why can’t we have a debate about it? Maybe that is the issue here…

    Thank you Dr. Bossche, for trying once again, to spark a debate.

  8. After a year of exposure to disinfo tactics like the one in this post I guess we’ve acquired natural immunity…

  9. Not much science in this article. If we are so panicked that we need to have a vaccine for a covid 19 flu virus that overall has an 05.6% adverse effect on the elderly mainly 94.6% immune anyway from this variant of the covid virus (covid viruses have been around for 750 years and most people have an 80% immunity from) and children have a 99.997% immunity and only a .003% chance of catching it. And we now have up to 119 variants. When will this stop? I believe we may be injecting ourselves so much we might look like pin cushions. Did our immune systems fail? NO. We just haven’t been given any choice, The media and big pharma want us scared. There has been no mention of how to boost your immune resistance, you know simple things like vitamin C, D3 – K2, A, zinc, eat real food, exercise, sunshine, hydroxychloroquine – costs .50c a pill, ivermectin another cheap FDA approved drug is working miracles in hospitals all over the world. Why have they been suppressed? Is it because big pharma want to make money, what do you think? These vaccine companies who are all convicted villains seem to be running the show and all the cures at hand have been ignored for “emergency authorized” untested and totally NEW genetic therapies to which WE are the guinea pigs. J&J want to test on new borns, (who have NO innate immunity) do you trust J&J recently convicted of pushing opioid drugs and driving the opioid epidemic. Putting asbestos in baby powder or do you trust your own body to fight this flu just like it always has for millennia. If so many people have died from covid then why has influenza, cancer, heart disease and all cause mortality dropped significantly, has someone been medaling with the figures. Could it be that the $15,000.00 payout to hospitals for covid deaths (and empty hospitals) have something to do with these hyped up figures? Examine that please and get back to us.

    1. Your mote than 100% correct. I there are more professionals in this field speaking out that the vaccines are a “trojan horse” effect, where as those that have been vaccinated and encounter a variant months down the road will experience severe effects because the vaccine was only made on one varient strain, so while the new strain runs rampant, the killer antibodies cells keep increasing and start attacking the body instead…!! Then the victims will be labeled covid victims instead of vaccine victims!! Currently this is one of many possibilities to go wtong, which will take months to verify, as these vaccines will pushed out without proper human trials testing..

    2. Exactly! There is no talk by the powers that be such as the CDC, NIH or WHO about boosting your immune system to fight this virus. OR of the wonderful results of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. Fear is their biggest weapon and they wield it on a daily basis. After over a year this is still a pandemic? Why aren’t bodies in the streets? How many people actually know someone who died Covid-19? And did they have any underlying issues? So much we AREN’T being told! I’ve done the vitamin regimen this whole past year and lived normally around everyone. I’m 65 and healthy as a horse. So is my 69 year old husband.

  10. Not that I am in disagreement with Greet, but I do find his timelines quite contradictorial. In his digressing on when this uptick in mass variant infection should show up, he states not years, not months, but weeks it should be appear.
    That is, countries like Israel that have massed vaccination to date, starting December 19, accordingly we should see an exponential increase in variant infections now March 17. I think 12 weeks is plenty enough to prove him right or wrong.

    1. Just read your post. Today is 08/26/21. Maybe you should check the infection rates in Israel now as they are drastically increasing.

  11. All of this is completely irrelevant, many discredited Doctors have predicted was is happening now already, hemorrhagic intracerebral strokes for example, it is happening and I don’t give a flying F on how many papers one has published, the reality is observable, the papers are good for replacing the rolls on the toilet.

  12. Fuggiiuh hggttjhhg

    England, december 2020. Vacination starts. Emgland, december 2020. New variation starts. Case closed.

  13. If you have actual data to disprove his claims, by all means lay it out. As it stands, this article is a mess of logical fallacies and immature snark that reek of a position founded on some combination of emotion, ideology, and a deep-seated need to believe whatever establishment authority figures tell you.

    1. you actually do not need data to disprove him because he offer no data to prove his position is true. All the did was give out some statement that is akin to hypotheses in an experiment. However he wrote it like a conclusion.

      but now that we have Data and it is obvious that he is wrong.

      we been vaccinating yet no new variants are appearing
      casing loads are going down even during the 4th wave. Israel was peaking 10000 a day in Jan, but in June it was 700.

  14. Kathie Laughman

    I don’t know what to believe anymore now that I’ve read all the responses than I did before I read them. I am not a doctor but I am logical. I have to agree with Dr. Bossche, why not error on the side of caution and stop the vaccinations? Why the hurry, esecially if the virus is showing signs of mutating which does not appear to be in question.

  15. You know who else is a self proclaimed “vaccine expert” and hasn’t published any medical paper?
    Vaxopedo tries hard to protect the hoax.

  16. Imagine that you start having stomach cramps, so you go visit a doctor and the doctor says you have food poisoning and prescribes an antibiotic. You decide to get a second opinion and the next doctor says the same thing. You’re still not convinced, so you see another 48 doctors and they run tests and they all say you need to take that same antibiotic that the first two prescribed. You’re still not thoroughly convinced, so you go to another doctor and that one tells you that it’s just stress making your stomach hurt. You then visit another 50 doctors and they all say you need to take that same antibiotic prescribed by the first doctor. They also tell you your situation is critical, because the infection has spread to your liver and kidneys. So now it’s 100 diagnoses of food poisoning and one doctor who disagrees. What should you do? Do you conclude that the 100 doctors are all part of a world-wide conspiracy with “Big Pharma?” Actually, if you do, you’re doing society a favor by taking another idiot out of the gene pool.

    1. If you are actually serious in your statement, you clearly haven’t followed the money trail. Do US a favor, and do take the thing. One less idiot waking the planet.

  17. Janoba Ildango.

    This article is terrible… zero science, litrally just a hit piece on the man whos spent his entire career in the field.. and this is the article that turns up at the top of google when trying to research the things he was saying… I wonder why.

    This site is pathetic, not coming here again after reading this load of crap, you are no better than The Sun newspaper of the Daily Mail.

    1. this “doctor” is being attacked, specifically because he turned against the Bill Gates Sterilization Foundation. he is now an Enemy of the People

  18. You play the man way too much here, barely the ball.

    You’re perfectly entitled to do so but as others have pointed out here why does this come up so high in the Google search engine?

  19. yes, the vaccine will kill, or greatly shorten the life of anyone taking it. but also notice that very few American Blacks are taking the vaccine. so when all you facist Krackers die off, only the Black Race will remain.

    we win

  20. Amazing… everything Geert Vanden Bossche PhD warned about is becoming true. The number of variants exploded right after vaccinations began. The virus has become more virulent, the effectiveness of every vaccine is waning in mere months, and the children are now increasingly showing symptoms with the new variants when symptomatic cases were previously rare.

    When will people wake up and realize that Tony Fauci is a clown that has repeatedly gotten things wrong throughout his career. His own colleagues have openly criticized his credibility as a scientist. He’s a bureaucrat and he lies like a politician.

    1. All great insights in human history have come from independent people like Geert.
      But he was slandered and attacked by scientists in the right places with zero moral values and integrity other than defending their paychecks.
      Everything Geert said in March is coming true. No wonder public has lost trust in the elite, they have all become mercenaries for the government.

  21. Check the real science and the data now around the world (Oct 2021). Israel, UK, Gibraltar, etc etc… Looks like Geert is becoming more and more correct… the warning safety signals are in the data all over the world. The vaccines are not safe…don’t work and actually making the problem worse. CDC and government agencies know it and are ignoring it… so obvious. Its in their own data… scientist and researchers need to get their head out of the sand and start being intellectually honest with themselves.

  22. And it turns out that Geert Bossche was/is right. You should be ashamed. What he was talking about – is actually virology 101. My spouse who is PhD in molecular biology working for big pharma – explained the same to me in march 2021. She says it is crazy that 95% of “scientists” do not understand that. That’s because modern science is corrupt to its core, and probably was always like that – look at Mendel, Einstein etc.

  23. This is pure defamation. Geert Vanden Bossche should sue you in Court for this despicable smear campaign. He is a scientist of great moral and professional integrity and meanwhile, facts have proven him to be on the right side of history. Shame on you…if you have any.

  24. Delta, now Omicron. Hmm, these are more infectious variations. I wonder if anyone could have predicted this.

    I was initially skeptical of Dr. Vanden Bossche until the variations got worse and his detractors had no credible scientific response to his claims, just ad hominem arguments and dismissals. Some of his detractors said he was wrong because the vaccines prevented transmission. Oops, wrong again.

    It’s more and more looking like history will ask why his warnings were ignored.

  25. The Importance of Being Curious

    Wow, this post didn’t age well! As time passes, day-by-day, everything has been playing out EXACTLY as Venden Bossche predicted. Yet, hyper-vaccinators remain in full denial as total vaccine failure spreads through highly vaccinated country, highly vaccinated country. Apparently, zombies can’t do math.

  26. In hindsight, it must seriously sting to know how wrong you were to dismiss Gert Vanden Bossche’s concerns. However, given your moronic counter argument, you are likely fully accustomed to failure.

  27. Nearly 10 months later, with wildly mutated Omicron raging through the world population, Gert Vanden Bossche is being proven correct. I wish that our ‘leaders’ would listen to intelligent scientists instead of lifelong bureaucrats whose only interest is their own investment portfolios.

  28. I’ll not comment on whether Vanden Bossche is being proven correct or not by Omicron.

    An I will note that I AM vaxed and boosted.

    What I WILL note is the profound inaccuracy of your statement:
    “Most importantly, we know the consequences if we listened to him and stopped the COVID-19 vaccination campaigns – millions more people would die,…”

    Enter Paxlovid… 89% effective at preventing hospitalization and (not sure statistically 0%) and no one in the EPIC HR treated group of about 660 people died – and they were AL high risk AND unvaccinated.

    Now I am here to say THIS… the prior administration ordered 50 million full course of the Pfizer vaccine in July 2020, before Phase III trial results were in (maybe even begun). To be delivered and distributed within a month of the EUA.

    That means even if the present administration did NOTHING to accelerate the development effort or the expedition of the EUA (which they did not), by end of December or early January this valuable therapeutic would widely available. Not doing so, ignoring alternatives to the Trump vaccines, has lead to a situation where thousands a day are now dying needlessly.

    It is an EPIC FAIL by our elected governors (I will not call them “leaders” – they don’t).

    If Paxlovid were widely available today (which it SHOULD HAVE BEEN), almost NO ONE would be dying – vaccinated or not. Covid, whatever variant, would be a non fatal an unlikely to result in hospitalization disease.

    And the pandemic, as we know it would be OVER! Get Covid, vaxed boosted probably ok (for now, until a new variant where you are not…); not vaxed – Paxlovid for five days. Almost equally effective at preventing hospitalization and death among higher risk group. So, at least here forward, “…million of people…” would NOT die.

    EPIC POLICY FAILURE, and no one is bothering talking about it.

    1. Paxlovid causes blood clots, per Harvard University, out this week. If one is on heart medication, they have to go off it for Paxlovid treatment. Interestingly, this is what Biden did as advised by his doctors. But why do we only find this out now? I mean, if Biden’s doctors knew, why wasn’t this publicly acknowledged by Pfizer?

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