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Who is Diane Harper?

Was Diane Harper a lead researcher for the HPV vaccine?

Did she help design the studies that got it approved?

Did she speak out against the HPV vaccine?

Did someone then “get to her,” so that she retracted her comments that the HPV vaccine was as deadly as cancer?

Who is Diane Harper?

Diane Harper was indeed one of the researchers involved in the later stage HPV vaccine trials.

And she did speak out against the HPV vaccines.

Her issues?

“In industrialized countries, the benefit of HPV vaccines focuses on individual abnormal Pap test reduction not cancer prevention.”

Diane Harper Review of Gardasil

Diane Harper thought that the HPV vaccine was being over-marketed to parents, and that in developed countries, Pap smears do a good enough job of detecting cervical cancer.

“I fully support the HPV vaccines,” she says. “I believe that in general they are safe in most women.”

Diane Harper on Jabs “as bad as the cancer”

But her concerns got way overblown and mischaracterized when an interview was turned into a vaccine scare story by the British news media.

What Diane Harper Got Wrong About HPV Vaccines

The HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.
The HPV vaccine is cancer prevention.

The obvious problem with her thinking?

Even though the cervical cancer death rate has gone down substantially over the last 40 years or so, mainly because of the increased use of Pap smears, there are still just over 4,000 deaths a year from cervical cancer in the United States!

The other problem?

Getting vaccinated with the HPV vaccine can help prevent infection with the most common human papilloma viruses that can cause cervical cancer, which does equal cancer prevention.

And of course, HPV doesn’t just cause cervical cancer. It can also cause vaginal, vulvar, penile, anal, and oropharyngeal cancer, and genital warts.

What Diane Harper Gets Right About HPV Vaccines

Anti-vax folks are wrong to think the Diane Harper is one of their own or that she is against the HPV vaccines.

And her newly published article, HPV vaccines – A review of the first decade, should finally put that idea to rest.

What To Know About Diane Harper and the HPV Vaccines

Diane Harper was one of the researchers involved in the later stage HPV vaccine trials and recently published a review finding that the HPV vaccines are indeed effective.

More About Diane Harper and the HPV Vaccines

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