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10 Reasons to Not Vaccinate Your Kids

The Pontifical Academy for Life reaffirmed the
The Pontifical Academy for Life reaffirmed the “lawfulness” of using vaccines to protect children and those around them.

Parents often have their reasons for why their kids aren’t vaccinated.

But whether they have a medical exemption, personal belief exemption, or a religious exemption to getting vaccines, they often have the same reasons for not believing in vaccines.

What are some of them?

They might be scared of toxins.

They might think that vaccines don’t work.

They might think that vaccines aren’t necessary anymore and that they can just hide in the herd.

They are just trying to fit in at a Waldorf school

10 Reasons to Not Vaccinate Your Kids

In addition to simply being scared about things they have heard on the Internet, some of the reasons that parents don’t vaccinate their kids include that:

  1. they are vegan – many vegans vaccinate their kids
  2. they are Catholic – most Catholics vaccinate their kids – Pope Francis even led an oral polio vaccination drive recently
  3. their child is on antibiotics – having a mild illness is not usually a good reason to skip or delay getting vaccines
  4. their child had an allergic reaction to a vaccine – a severe, anaphylactic reaction to one vaccine or vaccine ingredient wouldn’t mean that your child couldn’t or shouldn’t get all or most of the others
  5. they are Jewish – most Jews vaccinate their kids
  6. a doctor wrote them a medical exemption – there are actually very few true contraindications to getting vaccinated and a permanent exemption to all vaccines would be extremely rare, which casts doubt on the ever growing rate of medical exemptions in many areas
  7. they are Muslim – most Muslims vaccinate their kids and most Islamic countries have very good immunization rates.
  8. someone at home is immunocompromised – since we stopped giving the oral polio vaccine, shedding from vaccines is not a big concern and contacts of those who are immunocompromised are usually encouraged to get vaccinated
  9. they are Buddhist – most Buddhists vaccinate their kids – the Dalai Lama even led an oral polio vaccination drive recently and Buddhist countries have very good immunization rates.
  10. someone in their family had a vaccine reaction – a family history of a vaccine reaction is not a good reason to skip or delay getting vaccinated, as it has not been shown to increase your own child’s risk of a reaction. And yes, this has even been shown for siblings of autistic children, which makes sense, since vaccines don’t cause autism.

What about other religions?

Whether you are Hindu, non-Catholic Christians, Amish, or Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc., remember that all major religions believe in vaccines. Of course, the Amish are a little more selective of when and which vaccines they will get, but as we saw in the Ohio measles outbreak, they do get vaccinated.

On the other hand, Christian Scientists don’t vaccinate, along with some small Christian churches that believe in faith healing and avoid modern medical care.

Still, most people understand why it is important to vaccinate their kids.

What to Know About These Reasons to Not Vaccinate Your Kids

What do you think about these reasons to not vaccinate your kids? Since they aren’t really absolute reasons to not get vaccinated, are you ready to get your kids vaccinated now?

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10 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Not Vaccinate Your Kids”

  1. Who said that vaccines dont cause autism the government that wishes no more than for all of us to take there bullshit drugs that they fake the test results to make billions of dollars. Kids didn’t get autism until recent years. There weren’t many mentally challenged GED people 50 years ago and they didn’t have special ed back then either because their were few cases. Where are you getting your facts from I personally watched Bill Gates give a speech about population control and putting something in vaccines they could trigger down the road and make millions die and nobody would have a clue. Or the fake epidemic of h1n1 that was actually just a case of 100 people who got the glue but they sold a lot of vaccines scaring everybody didn’t they it’s all bullshit get your head out of your ass if you think a perfectly healthy human should infect themselves with something to prevent s sickness you’ve gone mad. And may God have mercy on you there is a natural cure for everything. Unless its man made. And the great country you live in keeps these cures from you and treats u with bullshit drugs and doesn’t really want you to get better because they make no money from curing people you should use common sense not do it because everybody has been lied to and made to believe something that is wrong just because the majority has done it that just means the majority has tricked into believing something that is crazy 69 shots of 16 is absurd.

    1. Isn’t it funny that 100 years ago, all food was organic, people spent most of their time outside, vaccines didn’t exist, there were no “bullshit drugs,” people used “Natural Remedies” all the time, and still everybody died of smallpox?
      Of course, it could have been the government killing millions of people right?

    1. Anti-Vax = Dead Children

      Congratulations! An antivaxxer who can write a sentence that is almost grammatically correct, and has only one misspelled word is exceptionally smart among the “Let’s spread disease crowd.”

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