Fainting After Vaccines

Have you heard about children getting dizzy or fainting (syncope) after getting a vaccine?

“Fainting after getting a vaccine is most commonly reported after three vaccines given to adolescents: HPV, MCV4, and Tdap. Because the ingredients of these three vaccines are different, yet fainting is seen with all of them, scientists think that fainting is due to the vaccination process and not to the vaccines themselves.”

CDC Fainting Concerns

Although we usually hear about it after teens getting their vaccines, the “CDC has received reports of people fainting after nearly all vaccines.”

Fortunately, fainting after getting a vaccine does not cause any lasting effects, although getting hurt from a fall could, especially if the child hits their head.

To help prevent these types of injuries, “experts recommend having patients sit in a chair or lay down when they receive a vaccination.  In addition, patients should be observed for 15 minutes after vaccination.”

A common vaccine side effect, it isn’t clear though if it is the vaccine or the pain from the shot that leads to the fainting. Since teens commonly faint after other painful procedures, such as getting a blood draw or donating blood, it is almost certainly related to getting vaccinated and not the vaccine itself. It is certainly not a reason to skip or delay your teens vaccines.

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