Influenza Vaccines

Surprisingly, the first flu vaccine was approved way back in 1945, for use in the military.

It became available for civilian use the next year.

A lot has changed since then, including that flu shots recommendations now include all children who are at least six months old and all adults.

And there is a much bigger variety of flu vaccines, at least for adults.

Today, even without FluMist (which is coming back next year), there are at least six different types of flu shots for some people to choose from. High dose. Standard dose. Trivalent. Quadrivalent. Cell-culture based. Recombinant. Adjuvanted.

Which flu shot do you want?

You won’t have problems getting one…

Between 151 to 166 million doses of flu vaccine will be available this year, including 130 million doses of thimerosal-free or preservative-free flu shots, so the great majority of flu shots will not contain mercury!

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