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Are Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Plans Preparing to Start?

Does an August 27 letter from the CDC Director mean that mass COVID-19 vaccinations could be rushed out and start by November 1?

Are mass COVID-19 vaccinations coming by November 1?
Are mass COVID-19 vaccinations coming by November 1?

While anything is possible these days, the August 27 letter could also more likely be part of a plan to be well prepared to distribute COVID-19 vaccines before they are approved and ready.

Are Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Plans Preparing to Start?

Wait, why would you want your distribution system ready before you had an approved vaccine?

The COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans from the CDC stress that they are for hypothetical scenarios just in case an early vaccine is available in November 2020.
The COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans from the CDC stress that they are for hypothetical scenarios just in case an early vaccine is available in November 2020.

After all, what would happen if you waited to set up that distribution system until after you had an approved vaccine?

That’s right! Months and months of delays while you waited to set it all up.

“That’s what’s going on right now that’s very unique in vaccine development. We and the companies, and the federal government predominantly, are doing this at risk. We’re going to start manufacturing doses of the vaccines way before we even know that the vaccine works. We may know whether it’s effective by maybe November, December. By that time, we hopefully would have close to 100 million doses, and by the beginning of 2021, we hope to have a couple of hundred million doses. So it isn’t as if we’re going to have to wait a year to rev up to millions and millions and millions of doses. That’s going to be done as we’re testing the vaccine. That’s what at risk means.”

Anthony Fauci, MD, on COVID-19 Vaccines, Schools, and Larry Kramer

Instead, a lot of the work is being done in advance, in anticipation that a safe and effective vaccine will be developed sooner rather than later.

“Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said he trusts the independent members of the DSMB — who are not government employees — to hold vaccines to high standards without being politically influenced.”

Fauci Says COVID Vaccine Trials Could End Early If Results Are Overwhelming

That’s what gives some of the speed boost to Operation Warp Speed…

About That August 27 Letter…

In fact, you might wonder why they waited so long to talk about setting up the vaccine distribution system!

“We are seeing a number of state officials, public health experts, who are starting to express publicly concern that there is no federal plan that they know of to distribute the vaccine. One of them pointed to the mishandling of the treatment drug Remdesivir and said this could be a slow motion train wreck when it comes to a vaccine.”

Judy Woodruff on Dr. Anthony Fauci says plans ‘are in place’ for COVID-19 vaccine distribution

That’s right!

Just last month, folks were talking about a coming “train wreck” because no distribution plan was in place, and now that one has been announced, it equals plans for early mass vaccination before the election?

These plans aren’t exactly new though…

“Detailed planning is underway to ensure rapid distribution as soon as the FDA authorizes one or more vaccines. Once these decisions are made, McKesson will work under CDC’s guidance to ship COVID-19 vaccines to administration sites.”

Trump Administration Collaborates with McKesson for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

These distribution plans have been in the works for some time.

“In a meeting with state immunization officials and other experts Wednesday, Nancy Messonnier, who leads the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, stressed the need for urgency and flexibility in completing plans by Oct. 1, the earliest she said vaccines could be available.”

CDC asks 4 states and a city to draft coronavirus vaccine distribution plans

While it doesn’t seem likely that we will see a COVID-19 vaccine by October 1 or November 1, it should be clear that we will be well prepared to distribute a vaccine when it is finally determined that it is safe and effective.

“To date, Operation Warp Speed has not released a comprehensive vaccine plan. This Center for American Progress report—obtaining information from interviews and public news reports—should not be necessary. Congress should require the administration to release a comprehensive plan for manufacturing, financing, and distribution and hold subsequent hearings on the plan. This unprecedented endeavor requires visibility for the public, Congress, state and local health departments, and manufacturers.”

A Comprehensive COVID-19 Vaccine Plan

Again, folks looking for a conspiracy should keep in mind that it was just over a month ago that many people were complaining we had no distribution plan.

“This is like the Boy Scout motto, ‘Be Prepared.’ Even if it’s very low likelihood, if everything happened to come together really beautifully and we had an answer by then and we knew we had a vaccine that was safe and effective, wouldn’t you want people to be ready to figure out how to do the distribution? That’s all that CDC is saying.”

Dr. Francis Collins says Covid-19 vaccine “unlikely” by October, despite CDC distribution guidance

That the CDC finally announced one doesn’t mean that they have plans to vaccinate everyone with a vaccine that was rushed to be approved before the election…

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