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An Unvaccinated Girl in Italy Has Tetanus

Remember the story of the unvaccinated boy in Oregon who recently had tetanus?

He spent nearly two months in the hospital, nearly all of it in the ICU, and his care cost just over $800,000. All for a disease that is easily vaccine-preventable.

An Unvaccinated Girl in Italy Has Tetanus

That boy in Oregon wasn’t the first intentionally unvaccinated kid to have tetanus recently and tragically, he won’t be the last.

An Unvaccinated Girl in Italy Has Tetanus
The girl fell and skinned her knee. Unvaccinated, she ended up in the ICU with tetanus.

The latest case is an unvaccinated girl in Verona, Italy.

An Unvaccinated Girl in Italy Has Tetanus

The girl, from Povegliano, is intubated and sedated and in critical condition.

Her family is being investigated to see why she wasn’t vaccinated.

Unbelievably, she joins a growing list of kids who have gotten tetanus for no good reason in the post-vaccination era.

  • an unvaccinated 4-year-old who developed tetanus after a toenail injury. He was intubated for over two weeks.
  • an unvaccinated 10-year-old in Sardinia, Italy who cut his forehead after crashing his bike
  • an unvaccinated 7-year-old in New Zealand who had a small cut his foot
  • an unvaccinated 7-year-old in Australia who cut her foot while playing in the garden

Wondering why it doesn’t happen more often?

Most kids are vaccinated and protected!

And most parents, even those who are scared to vaccinate their kids, understand that tetanus is basically everywhere and almost impossible to avoid.

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