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Does the CDC Own Any Patents on Vaccines?

Have you heard the CDC owns patents on vaccines?

“The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually. Congressman Dave Weldon has pointed out that the primary metric for success across the CDC is how many vaccines the agency sells and how successfully the agency expands its vaccine program—regardless of any negative effects on human health.”

Robert F Kennedy, Jr

Wait, the CDC sells vaccines?

To who?

Myths About the CDC Selling Vaccines

The CDC doesn’t sell vaccines. That’s not their mission.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) works 24/7 to protect America from health, safety, and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S. Whether diseases start at home or abroad, are chronic or acute, curable or preventable, human error or deliberate attack, CDC fights disease and supports communities to do the same.”

CDC Mission, Role and Pledge

They do buy vaccines. A lot of vaccines.

In 2017, the CDC immunization program spent just over $4.8 billion dollars, including $4.1 billion on the Vaccines for Children program.

“…from March through December 2016, over 13,000 doses of meningococcal conjugate vaccine, purchased using CDC funding, were used to respond to a deadly outbreak of meningitis in Southern California.”

Department Of Health And Human Services Fiscal Year 2018

Did they sell all of those vaccines?

If they did, then they wouldn’t have to request money from Congress each year to buy more vaccines, now would they?

“CDC buys vaccines at a discount and distributes them to grantees—i.e., state health departments and certain local and territorial public health agencies—which in turn distribute them at no charge to those private physicians’ offices and public health clinics registered as VFC providers.”

The VFC Program: At a Glance

Instead, the vaccines that the CDC buys, at big discounts, since they are buying so many, are offered free to those kids who can’t afford vaccines in the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program and through Section 317 grants.

What About the CDC Vaccine Patents?

Is Kennedy right about the CDC vaccine patents?

“In the course of performing our mission, many CDC researchers identify novel technologies which may be of interest to commercial partners. Some of these technologies are available as a biological or other tangible material for licensing, whereas others are protected under patent.”

Office of the Associate Director for Science (OADS)

OK, so the CDC has patents…

Well, not exactly the CDC. The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services has patents…

Patents of vaccines and vaccine technology are not the big deal that anti-vaccine folks make them out to be.
Patents of vaccines and vaccine technology are not the big deal that anti-vaccine folks make them out to be.

When you think of Kennedy’s claim, do you think that the CDC has the patent on 20 new vaccines? After all, that’s how it sounds, doesn’t it?

They don’t. Instead, they mostly own patents on vaccine technology.

“This technology describes a method for inactivating rotavirus. Traditional inactivation strategies use chemicals that reduce antigenicity (by altering rotavirus proteins), leading to less protection against the virus. Conversely, this method preserves and/or maintains the integrity of viral particles, leading to greater protection against rotavirus. This strategy has been validated in mice, piglets and cattle and further clinical studies are underway.”

A Novel Thermal Method to Inactivate Rotavirus for Use in Vaccines

Why patent these technologies?

Because they were discovered by CDC researchers and if their intellectual properly is not patented, then someone else could patent it, use it or sell it, and keep others from using it.

“After a license is negotiated, post-license compliance must be maintained to ensure the scheduled development of the technology, payment of royalties, and compliance to the license agreement. Based on the terms negotiated in the agreement, a percentage of royalties will go to the inventor, while a portion will go to the originating laboratory for that technology. This allows funding to be reinvested into CDC for the development of additional technologies that can meet other public health needs.”

What is the Process of Technology Transfer?

Should it be a surprise that these patents might generate money?

“Certain people are not considered for ACIP membership. For example, people who are directly employed or have an immediate family member directly employed by a vaccine manufacturer, hold a patent on a vaccine or related product, or serve on a Board of Directors of a vaccine manufacturer are excluded from ACIP membership.”

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the Childhood Immunization Schedule

Is it a surprise that the CDC and Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) has taken steps to make sure these patents don’t generate any conflicts of interest among those making decisions about vaccines?

“Dr Offit did not sit on the FDA committee that approved any rotavirus vaccine and he was not a member of ACIP, as RFK Jr claims, at the time they voted to recommend adding rotavirus vaccine to the immunization schedule.”

The Truth about vaccines 6: rotavirus

Is it a surprise that Kennedy is just trying to scare folks with all of this talk about selling vaccines and vaccine patents?

What to Know About the CDC’s Vaccine Patents

While the CDC does own and license some patents related to vaccines and vaccine technologies, they don’t actually sell any vaccines.

More on the CDC’s Vaccine Patents

20 thoughts on “Does the CDC Own Any Patents on Vaccines?”

  1. “If they did, then they wouldn’t have to request money from Congress each year to buy more vaccines, now would they?”

    That’s your best logic? REALLY? Because corruption never happened in the US government….

    1. So I’m not a smart person, but I would think that if the CDC wanted to be the “wonderful” advocate of human health they claim to be, then they themselves would SAFELY produce or co-produce vaccines. What I mean is that there would be no synthetics involved right? So in order to “Patent” a vaccine, the Wild type of “whatever virus etc it is” IT first needs to be synthetically “grown or made” so its Unique and Patent-able (Nature or Wild type is not patent-able). Now its a synthetic that is Not truly 100% compatible with the human body, as noted by “some” injuries. It is then “killed” or weakened and whatever other preservatives and modifications added, then Jabbed into humans. Hmmm, all this for a cornered market on human sickness, Profit and exclusive rights. I think if i wanted to help humanity as a FIRST order of business I would use the wild type virus, kill or weaken it, add safe preservatives besides mercury or aluminum and then inject it (actually have a scientist refine my paraphrased process). George Washington is purported to have done something like this with his soldiers for small pox (or its legend IDK). So the problem with ALL of this seems to be the CDC is more interested in MAXIMIZING PHARMA PROFITS more than PUBLIC HEALTH. I could be wrong though, I’m just a regular uneducated person that watches TV NEWS. I know everything needs to make money, but theres plenty of money in something that works without having to have exclusive rights at the expense of public safety (no matter how small injuries are or are not ;), Moderated by a government agency.

    2. Dick Powers Team Human Race

      Does Anybody know the schedule of Insurance or institution “commission” (for lack of a better word) MD’s receive for the different vaccines? I know it exists because I read a Blue cross and Blue Shield compensation book a year or so ago. I believe I saw $200 per shot (children’s vaccinations) but I do not remember precisely. I am 100% sure there was an “extra” payout. I would be curious on the Covid vaccine payout. With a $10 billion advertisement program for covid authorized by this administration I wonder if the payout is like $1000 a shot? (my speculation of course). I have 100% seen a newspaper article verifying the advertisement campaign too.

  2. So, vaccine technology patents are held by CDC scientists that are paid royalties for their invention, and part of those royalties are also paid to the CDC.

    And you think that absolves the CDC of a conflict of interest? The more their tech is used, the more they are paid. And the CDC has budgetary limits to work within, like any other element of government, so any extra money coming in allows them to do more… You try and argue that this “more” is for the good of mankind. But bottom line is that selling more vaccines gives them more money. And this could create a conflict of interest. This does not mean there is any nefarious evil-doing, but any time there is a conflict of interest we must examine the issue carefully.

    There are checks and balances in government, as set by our founding fathers for good reason. Allowing conflicts of interest to exist and writing them off as…justified, is absurd.

    The way to avoid conflict of interest (for the most part), that you conveniently avoid talking about, is to not have any royalties paid to the inventor, or to the CDC and instead have these paid into a general fund for the U.S. Government that has no specific benefit direct to a vaccine creating/monitoring body.

  3. The 90%+ decision makers or the vax schedule are reported to have vested financial interest. We accuse the president of having vested interest but it is fine for CDC decision makers. Sounds like a problem waiting to happen, which I guess already has….

    1. The cdc admittedly lied about the COVID deaths but know we peasants are to stupid to sift through the mainstream media which they have bought and paid for. Close your eyes free your mind

  4. Well, it sounds to me like you’re all on board with the CDC being above-board, i.e., nothing to see here folks. Well I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but I certainly do not concur! I’ve done my own research and it does not in any way agree with yours.

    1. I am trying find the proof that the CDC holds patents on vaccines and vaccine technology at the rate the Kennedy says it is so. Do you have the proof? I would not be surprised if the CDC in fact does but I am unable to find the proof. It appears that this article is softly admitting to it but rather making a big down play of it.

  5. Besides the desired goal of creating safer vaccines what would Kennedy’s agenda be to make this claim?

    1. All vaccines are dangerous and 100% unecessary.
      Research and read long enough till you find the truth about Pasteur (plagiarist and charlitan) and his disproved “germ theory” and Antoinw Bechamp and the fact of true pathology.
      Then read “The Poisoned Needle by Eleanor McBean….if you can read the book by McBean and come out yhe other end i any way still believing any good comes from injecting disease and toxins directly intp flesh/blood (bypassing the body protecting skin) then well good for you. But the direction has been forced vacvinations with no corporate liability for their product. Can anyone honestly think a for profit corporation will care at all about safety when they have zero liability?

  6. No-one made claims that the CDC sells vaccines directly but as patent holders, they do receive royalties and that should be cause for concern.

  7. Op had an obsolete view on making money, as if the cdc was a black market illegal business selling moon shine and heroin from his mommas basement. I bet even if the cdc was found with bloody footsteps leading to the front door, a moon shine system in the basement, chemicals all over the house, and the cdc hands covers with illegal chemicals, op would downplay it and say it’s a one time event. He even dadmits the cdc does own patents and licenses them out for cash flow/royalty/licenses and downplays it. :smh: I guess those tech patents come with free machines.

    It’s funny how narcissus caught red handed always downplay things or outright deny if they can get away with it. When the lead witness for the doj dr Zimmerman saw a boy become autistic right in front of his eyes after a vaccine shot he changed his view to a “small subset” of children may get autism from vaccines. Shame shame.

  8. Augustine Rivera

    So you just admitted that the CDC “takes money for licensing vaccines” but they “don’t sell vaccines.” *cough* *cough* *cough* What was that about “taking money* again? How much money is the CDC *taking in*?

  9. The CDC backstops the vaccine makers by guaranteeing the purchase of their product, despite the lack of a market for the amounts produced. They are obtaining government money and enriching the makers of the vaccines regardless of the market. And it’s the board members and executives of the CDC who go back and forth, between the CDC and their executive posts at pharmaceutical companies. Quit playing with words.
    The exposure of the corruption is unraveling in all facets of government. They won’t be duping enough people much longer to even turn a profit. We are waking up, f**kers.

  10. Point72 Steve Cohen Sucks

    (I had to remove the URLs I’d originally included, as the post was blocked. NOT nice, webmaster… You could have at least vetted it, then posted it, no?)

    This article reads like CDC propaganda. Was Dr. Iannelli – a/the founder of this website – reimbursed by the amoral, criminal U.S. federal government and/or the CDC to write this? In that the CDC last year was forced to remove its claim that vaccines do not cause autism – and did so WITHOUT publicly admitting it… and later reinstated its claim, can Dr. Iannelli and other professionals like him vouch for the veracity of the CDC’s flipflopping claims? Will doctors spreading false/unsubstantiated claims be held legally liable? Let’s not forget that medical doctors in the U.S. once advised smoking “healthy” brands of cigarettes… We all make mistakes (a Johns Hopkins study found that medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S., after heart disease and cancer), but ethical and intellectually honest people admit them, try to learn truth, and share those truths.

    According to a law firm, “CDC Members Own More Than 50 Patents Connected to Vaccinations”
    “… The vaccination industry currently generates $30 billion in profit each year, some of which reaches the hands of the very people who create the vaccine schedule. … ”

    Finally, on the topic of vaccines, in memory of a loved one, I compiled a lot of info (arranged in reverse chronological order) about the so-called “COVID-19” vaccine. Did you know the ‘new corona virus’ has not been proven to exist, in accordance with Koch’s postulates (though the postulates are actually rather dated, so may no longer be valid in this regard)? So how can they make vaccines for something which some experts state hasn’t even been proven to exists?! (Unfortunately, my ongoing compilation cannot be posted here, due to links being blocked. Sorry about that.)

    Peace & good health to all good people reading this.

  11. When I was in school we received 3 vaccinations…that was it…now by time you’re 18 it is “required” to have like 180 shots or some insane number…and we have a dumbed down generation of austistic/add/adhd riddlen junkies that have a problem concentrating long enough to tie their shoes…Why did Rockerfeller create a scenario that Holistic medicne…that had been working just fine for over 10,000 years…was bad and ineffective????
    Oh silly me I forgot he developed the PHARMASEUTICAL Industry…

    1. Thanks for the pro-vaccine work!

      I understand that you’re mocking the more dim-witted antivax socialists with this comment, but tone it down a bit. Even the most brainwashed disease-is-good advocate isn’t quite stupid enough to believe that children get 180 shots.

      Wishing you well; keep up the mockery.

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