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There Is a Vaccine For That

Many diseases were once big killers.

Diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, rubella, Haemophilus influenzae type b, pertussis, rotavirus, and smallpox, etc.

Some still are.

There Is a Vaccine For That

Fortunately, many have been brought under control thanks to vaccines, at least in certain parts of the world.

There is a vaccine for diphtheria and many other diseases that unfortunately continue to be big killers where vaccines are not readily available.

Smallpox, of course has been eradicated.

Polio, will hopefully soon be next.

What other diseases do we have vaccines to protect us against?

You might be surprised that the list is so long, as many of these vaccines aren’t routinely used in developed countries, but “we” have a vaccine for:

  1. adenovirus
  2. anthrax
  3. chicken pox
  4. cholera
  5. dengue
  6. diphtheria
  7. hepatitis A
  8. hepatitis B
  9. hepatitis E
  10. HPV
  11. Haemophilus influenzae type b
  12. influenza
  13. measles
  14. meningococcal disease types A, B, C, W, Y
  15. mumps
  16. pneumococcal disease
  17. pertussis
  18. polio
  19. Q-fever
  20. rabies
  21. rotavirus
  22. rubella
  23. smallpox
  24. shingles
  25. tetanus
  26. tick-borne encephalitis
  27. tuberculosis
  28. typhoid fever
  29. yellow fever
  30. COVID-19

Other diseases, including Rocky mountain spotted fever, plague, and typhus, were once vaccine-preventable, but their vaccines were discontinued and are no longer available.

How many of these available vaccines are on the CDC immunization schedule?

In the United States, children routinely get 13 vaccines that protect them against 16 vaccine-preventable diseases including diphtheria, chicken pox, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, Hib, HPV, influenza, measles, meningococcal disease, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal disease, polio, rotavirus, rubella, and tetanus.

And adults can get the shingles vaccine and pneumonoccal vaccines.

Some of the other vaccines on the list are also given in special situations, like if your kids have chronic medical problems, or if they travel out of the country.

What to Know About Available Vaccines

We are fortunate that there are vaccines for many diseases that once caused deadly epidemics and outbreaks and unfortunately are still around in many parts of the world.

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