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Aborted Fetal Tissue

Vaccines do not contain aborted fetal tissue.

Some vaccines are made with fetal embryo fibroblast cells from cell lines that are derived (they can replicate infinitely) from two electively terminated pregnancies in the 1960s. That certainly does not mean that any vaccines contain aborted fetal tissue or fetal parts though.

The original cells aren’t even involved in making these vaccines. The cells used today have been copied, over and over again. And even then, they are removed before the final vaccine is produced.

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  1. For those complaining that they are vegetarian and “don’t consume any animal cells (that they claim are in vaccines)”, they are probably unaware that every time a person touches something they can leave skin cells behind – that is how DNA tracing from fingerprints work (*1) – “touch DNA”.

    Thus virtually every piece of piece of fruit and veg that they eat has been handled by humans in some way – and as Dr Paul Offitt says, “You would find as much (human cells) if you analyzed the fruits and vegetables you eat”. (*2)

    Actually it is far worse than that for the vegetarian – studies (*3) show that there are around 22,000 cells per cubic meter of air (and five times that in an indoor environment such as a building) – and “approximately 20% of identifiable species are associated with human skin”; thus representing 4,400 skin cells per cubic meter of air.

    At a “normal” respiratory rate of 6L/Min (*4) this means that we are breathing in skin cells at a rate of about 26 cells per minute – more than two with every breathe – and around 14 Million every year.

    Whether the vegetarian likes it or not – they are consuming 100 million human skin cells in a lifetime. The issue of whether a vaccine might contain an animal cell seems to be moot.

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