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Kat Von D Just Took Away Your Vaccine Choice

Even as most of us understand that vaccines are safe and necessary, we are all free to make our own choices about vaccines and most other things in life. No one is forced to vaccinate their kids, despite what folks try to tell you.

Kat Von D has decided that she will be raising a vegan child, without vaccinations.
Kat Von D has decided that she will be raising a vegan child, without vaccinations.

Also, despite what many folks think, parents who choose to skip or delay vaccines have a lot of different reasons for doing so.

Kat Von D Just Took Away Your Vaccine Choice

Why has Kat Von D, a celebrity tattoo artist, decided to skip her child’s vaccines?

It seems that she wants to “raise a vegan child, without vaccinations,” even though many other vegans do indeed vaccinate their kids.

Why do we care what celebrities do with their kids? Well, for one thing, with 6.7 million followers on Instagram, she has the potential to influence a lot of people, not that anyone should really be taking health advice from a celebrity.

“My point being: I already know what it’s like to make life choices that are not the same as the majority. So your negative comments are not going influence my choices – actual research and educating myself will – which i am diligently doing.
This is my body. This is our child. And this is our pregnancy journey.”

Kat Von D

Just consider her comments about choices.

Kat Von D is all about making her own life choices, but in reality, she is taking away the choice for anyone who gets sick if they are exposed to her intentionally unvaccinated kid, if her child ever gets sick.

But how would her unvaccinated child get anyone else sick? While vaccine-preventable diseases don’t magically appear inside our bodies, we catch them from other people, if you have skipped or delayed a vaccine, then you have a much higher chance of getting one than someone who is vaccinated and protected. And since you can be contagious before you even have symptoms, you can expose others before you even know that you are sick.

Sure, most other people are vaccinated, but many are at risk because some are too young to be vaccinated, have true medical exemptions to getting vaccinated, including kids with immune system problems and cancer, and sometimes, vaccines don’t work.

Unlike parents who used to take their kids to chicken pox parties, you don’t have a choice if your child gets measles because they were exposed to an intentionally unvaccinated child at daycare, school, or the grocery store. In fact, that’s a reason that many pediatricians now dismiss unvaccinated families.

Hopefully Kat Von D and her husband will really continue doing “actual research” about vaccines and she will understand that the best choice we can all make is to get our kids and ourselves vaccinated and protected. At least she should understand that her choice about vaccines shouldn’t put the rest of us at risk.

What to Know About Kat Von D and Her Vaccine Choice

Kat Von D choice to raise an unvaccinated child and tell her 6.7 million followers on Instagram affects us all.

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10 thoughts on “Kat Von D Just Took Away Your Vaccine Choice”

  1. Waiting for an onslaught of antivaxxers to flood this with ‘My body my choice, my kid my choice’ nonsense.

    1. My child has never been injected (vaccinated). Last year, she died from Covid. Two years ago, she died from polio. Five years ago, she died from measles. When she was born, she died from hepatitis B. I think that next year, she will be paralyzed with Japanese encephalitis. And I am worried about Yellow Fever, and malaria. When my wife and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, we will do the Offit Challenge – 10,000 vaccines at one time. See Pediatrics, 2002, 109: 124-129.

  2. so uneducated! I would start with “dissolving illusions” by the board certified Dr.Humphries. What do you expect when the media is bought and paid by Glaxo Klien Smith…

    1. ThankGoodnessNOTYOU

      LMAO. Let us discuss “uneducated” dude who cannot even write a complete and proper sentence. You cannot even tell the difference between propaganda and a reliable source. None of the propaganda you read actually provides any proof whatsoever. Suzanna Humphries is not board certified. She is was in Nephrology, the branch of medicine that deals with the physiology and diseases of the kidneys. Having never researched vaccines she’s suddenly thinks she knows things but cannot back it up BUT she sure can have you buy her books, donate to her causes, and whatever else. Let’s discuss money too. How much money has Larry Cook panhandled from his moronic followers? How many ads are plastered all over every one of those biased sites you read? Do you even know how much a Homeopath charges? They charge just to tell you what everyone else in your echo chamber can tell you for free. Take vitamin c, colloidal silver, onion in the sock, essential oils, turpentine, bleach enemas, chant while hopping on one foot, and lots of urine. They don’t really know. So, instead of telling others they are uneducated you may want to do some educating of yourself first. I highly recommend a local community college course on basic citation so that you can learn what a proper source is.

  3. Rebecca Martineau

    “Kat Von D choice to raise an unvaccinated child and tell her 6.7 million followers on Instagram affects us all.”
    that sentence doesn’t even make since.
    vaccines aren’t vegan. They contain human and animal DNA

    1. Ruler of mol bio!

      It’s fragmented DNA. Not whole proteins. It’s like taking a snake, chopping it into pieces, then mixing those pieces, putting them in a bowl and hoping it turns back into a whole snake again.

  4. Vaccines are poison

    To whom wrote this article,
    You’re an idiot! So many factual errors it’s unbelievable. You’re more likely to get sick from a child who was just vaccinated with a live virus vaccine than a child who isn’t vaccinated. Vaccines cross the blood brain barrier and can cause several issues with the brain. Just because a child is unvaccinated doesn’t mean they are disease ridden. You have to have a disease in order to spread it. If you’re vaccinated you’re less likely to show symptoms than a non vaccinated person. Statistically women who have higher educations are less likely to vaccinate their children. Majority of people who actually research vaccines are less likely to vaccinate. Do yourself and your child a favor and do some research! Take the time to learn what you’re injecting into your child’s body. Read the inserts to vaccines!

  5. I’m sorry I don’t see where we have a choice. The state I live in you can’t attend school unvaccinated. I lived in a dorm in 1985 without needing tons of vaccines but in 2009 could not get my masters without vaccines. I’m sorry I listened to my former doctor who said they were safe!! Those vaccines ruined my life!!

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