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Who Wants to Defund the World Health Organization?

Bashing the World Health Organization seems like a popular thing for some folks to do these days.

Which folks?

COVID-19 got its name because it was first discovered in 2019…

Mostly the bashing is coming from folks who don’t know what they are talking about…

Who Wants to Defund the World Health Organization?

For one thing, not only did the World Health Organization issue warnings about COVID-19 in early January, they have been warning about global pandemics for some time.

“Few doubt that major epidemics and pandemics will strike again and few would argue that the world is adequately prepared. Since the 2013–2016 Ebola virus disease outbreak in western Africa, the United States National Academy of Medicine and several other groups have pointed to gaps, and the need for greater investment, in preparation against epidemics and pandemics, of Ebola virus disease and other infectious diseases.”

Fan et al on Pandemic risk: how large are the expected losses?

And over and over, they concluded that “for the global good,” we should all make sure we are prepared for the next pandemic.

That’s why they created the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board in 2017 and worked to prepare the world for the next pandemic, even as their budget kept getting cut and they found that “the vast majority of countries currently have low or moderate levels of national preparedness.”

Unfortunately, even as some countries did listen, their work was eventually undone…

“The investments made after the 2014 Ebola crisis have been slashed in recent proposed federal budgets from the Centers for Disease Control, the agency that works to stop deadly diseases in their tracks, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, which responds to international disasters, including the Ebola outbreak. Moreover, Timothy Ziemer, the top White House official in charge of pandemic preparedness, has left his job, and the biosecurity office he ran was summarily disbanded.”

The Next Pandemic Will Be Arriving Shortly

Of course, the WHO doesn’t just work on pandemics.

“WHO began when our Constitution came into force on 7 April 1948 – a date we now celebrate every year as World Health Day. We are now more than 7000 people from more than 150 countries working in 150 country offices, in 6 regional offices and at our headquarters in Geneva.”

Who we are

Remember, they do a lot to keep the world safe, with programs covering everything from aging and air pollution to polio eradication and Zika control.

“WHO has developed its first ever investment case with an ask of US$ 14.14 billion for 2019-2023. This is the amount WHO needs to deliver on its five-year strategy and its ambitious triple billion target: WHO will work to provide a billion more people with universal health coverage, protect a billion more people from health emergencies and bring a further billion people better health and well-being.”

Invest in WHO to invest in Health for All

And that’s why, now more than ever, we should be investing more money in the World Health Organization and other public health organizations.

It should be obvious that we need to #FundPublicHealth.

Or we can just wait and hope we can handle the next public health crisis that hits us…

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2 thoughts on “Who Wants to Defund the World Health Organization?”

  1. Gates’ statement is completely false: the “work” of the WHO didn’t SLOW the spread, it ENSURED the spread, by parroting CCP lies of no human transmission and don’t stop incoming flights cuz racism. Covering up for the CCP’s strategy of banning travel in and out of Wuhan while allowing international flights OUT of Wuhan to ensure worldwide spread, is to be expected when looking at the history of Dr. Tedros in his home country (covering up cholera outbreaks, genocide, marxist-leninst terror…).

  2. Am I living in a parallel universe where the WHO didn’t issue instructions that destroyed the world economy? Didn’t issue instructions which resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands and which will have the consequence of 100s of thousands of deaths over the coming years (not to count the untested vaccines)? Didn’t strip everyone of us of our civil liberties, only turn around and say “perhaps Sweden got it right”?

    Even the data is not worth the paper it would hypothetically be written, all due to the expert guidance of the WHO. Millions unemployed, spousal abuse, suicide, increases in child abuse, stock piling of future deaths due to missed opportunity of diagnosis and missed appointments, 100s of millions of livelihoods destroyed around the World.

    Was it the issuance of instructions that everyone should stockpile ventilators and masks? Scientifically, the masks are basically of no consequence in respect of the virus and intubation was probably responsible for most of the deaths.

    Did the WHO recommend just giving Oxygen? Nope induced coma and a potentially fatal procedure.

    Did the WHO recommend the use of a tried and tested malaria drug which has shown efficacious? Nope, they’re holding on for injecting everyone with a dangerous, untested, genetic liquid that was plucked out of thin air four months ago. “Now roll up your child’s sleeve for Mr Gates” .. “is he a special Dr. Mummy” .. “no my love, he works in computers” “so why is he telling everyone what medicine to take Mummy” … “mmm”

    What exactly was it that they did well again?

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