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Best Books to Help You Research Vaccines

If you were scared away from vaccinating your kids because of a book you read or something you saw on the Internet, consider reading a few of these vaccine books that are based on evidence, not fear.

Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated – Smallpox Edition

Have you seen the photo of the two kids with smallpox, only one of which had severe disease? Can you guess which one was vaccinated?

Grave Reminders of Life Before Vaccines

Forgetting the pre-vaccine era and the benefits of vaccines makes folks susceptible to anti-vaccine talking points and scares them away from vaccinating and protecting their kids.

The Hospital Rock Engravings of Farmington, Connecticut

Hundreds of people got safely inoculated against smallpox and left their names on Hospital Rock near Farmington, Connecticut just before Edward Jenner discovered the first smallpox vaccine.

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