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More on COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

What have you been hearing about COVID-19 vaccine deaths?

Prosecutors in Italy have actually launched a manslaughter investigation after a man died the day after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

Are you sure you have been getting the full story?

More on COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

Take the case of the man in Italy who died the day after getting his COVID-19 vaccine…

There is no evidence to link the man's death to the vaccine though and even his wife still supports folks getting vaccinated and protected.

Did you know that there is no evidence that his death is associated with the COVID-19 vaccine he had recently received?

“My husband believed in the vaccine and we must continue to believe in it.”

Simona Riussi

And that his wife has made a statement in support of COVID-19 vaccines?

Why Do People Die After Getting Their COVID-19 Vaccine?

While it is easy to blame the vaccine when someone dies soon after they have been vaccinated, it is very important to keep in mind that people were dying before we had a COVID-19 vaccine.

Does that mean it can’t be the vaccine?

Of course not!

“Part of our continuous analysis includes an evaluation of natural death rates over time, to determine if any specific trends or patterns are occurring that might indicate a vaccine safety concern. Based on age-stratified all-cause mortality in England and Wales taken from the Office for National Statistics death registrations, several thousand deaths are expected to have occurred, naturally, within 7 days of the many millions of doses of vaccines administered so far, mostly in the elderly.”

Coronavirus vaccine – weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting Updated 11 March 2021

But that’s why we have safety studies, both before the vaccines get approved and ongoing safety studies to make sure rates of death and other conditions aren’t rising.

“Usage of the AstraZeneca has increased rapidly and as such, so has reporting of fatal events with a temporal association with vaccination however, this does not indicate a link between vaccination and the fatalities reported. Review of individual reports and patterns of reporting does not suggest the vaccine played a role in the death.”

Coronavirus vaccine – weekly summary of Yellow Card reporting Updated 11 March 2021

And so far, they aren’t!

“Many thousands of people develop blood clots annually in the EU for different reasons. The number of thromboembolic events overall in vaccinated people seems not to be higher than that seen in the general population.”

EMA’s safety committee continues investigation of COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca and thromboembolic events – further update

That’s news which should reassure everyone.

Tragically, as they have in the past, media reports of these incidents and the practice of pausing vaccination campaigns will still scare people away from getting vaccinated and protected.

More on COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

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  1. Can you use your reasoning here that ‘people died before the vaccine rollout’ to also include ‘people died before the pandemic’? Because all your current reasonable reasoning doesn’t sound so reasonable directly after your extremely unreasonable reasoning that anyone who died ‘with’ covid was logged as dying ‘from’ covid. Not all of us are idiots out here.

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