Have Doctors in California Stopped Writing Medical Exemptions?

A new law in California, SB276, is getting closer to being passed, and it will help stop doctors that are writing inappropriate medical exemptions.

So why do some folks think that other doctors have stopped writing medical exemptions, even for those children who really need them?

This is not proof that doctors have stopped writing medical exemptions.

Oh, because the usual suspects are telling them that…

Have Doctors in California Stopped Writing Medical Exemptions?

The proof that Bob Sears is pushing?

Recordings of folks who called doctors, saying they recently moved to California and need a medical exemption because their child is reportedly unvaccinated after an anaphylactic reaction.

So some doctors are writing multiple inappropriate exemptions because others stopped writing true medical exemptions?
So some doctors are writing multiple inappropriate exemptions because others stopped writing true medical exemptions?

As you can imagine, this is hardly proof of anything…

For one thing, with the passage of SB 277, many parents have been searching for “vaccine-flexible” pediatricians to write medical exemptions in California, as that law eliminated non-medical exemptions.

Imagine the luck, a doctor finding medical exemptions that you didn't know that your child had!
Imagine the luck, a doctor finding medical exemptions that you didn’t know that your child had!

That likely has offices on high alert for parents whose kids do not have true medical exemptions.

“When we passed SB 277, again as we mentioned, we didn’t really touch the medical exemption, but what our expectation was is that it’s going to be your child’s regular doctor who knows the child granting them… And what we’re seeing is that actually we have physicians… who are not really the primary care doctor.

I mean I find this idea of having medical exemption visits kind of intriguing because you shouldn’t really have medical exemption visits. Either you’re the doctor or you’re not. If you’re the doctor you should take care of them. You have that relationship and if they have an issue with vaccines, you write them the exemption.

That’s it. That’s what’s supposed to normally happen. People shouldn’t be going out finding other doctors for exemptions. If you happen to see a specialist, and they think you can’t get vaccinated safely, then they either submit the exemption or they tell your primary care doctor, by the way, that child should not get vaccinated, we should get an exemption. That’s how it should normally work.”

Richard Pan SB 276 Assembly Health Committee Testimony

And although very rare, an anaphylactic reaction would certainly be a reason to get a medical exemption. It would typically only be an exemption to the vaccine that your child had the reaction to though.

“My son hadn’t been vaccinated since 12 months because he had an anaphylactic reaction and we had a personal belief exemption where we used to live.”

But why didn’t they have a medical exemption where they used to live?

And why did they stop vaccinating at 12 months?

Most importantly, if doctors in California stopped writing true medical exemptions for their patients, why is the statewide medical exemption rate at almost 1%?

So no, a video of a gotcha type phone call, even if it really was to 882 doctors in California, isn’t proof of anything, except what you can expect from the modern anti-vaccine movement.

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3 thoughts on “Have Doctors in California Stopped Writing Medical Exemptions?

  1. I believe it’s also illegal to record phone calls without permission in California, so Josh Coleman breaks even more laws. I wonder if he’s still on probation for child neglect and vandalism?

      1. I saw a different iteration where they specify that they DID ask permission. That’s actually more suspicious. Most doctor’s offices already have a message that warns callers that the all may be monitored or recorded. So there is no legal reason why the caller would then also need to seek permission to record. The office already knows that they’re being recorded, because they’re recording. No reasonable expectation of not being recorded when you’re already recording.

        Also, a religious exemption from another state couldn’t just be transferred to a medical exemption in another state. Also also, the medical exemption should be written by the doctor who administered care for the reaction, not a stranger years later.

        And of course, there’s no way to prove that any of these calls aren’t just anti-vax activists calling one another.

        Lastly, when will Bob Sears suspension be made permanent?

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