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Graphs That Show Vaccines Don’t Work

Are there really graphs that show vaccines don’t work and that vaccines didn’t save us from vaccine preventable diseases, like polio and measles?

Sure. Anyone can make a graph.

It doesn’t take long though to see that the graphs are pure propaganda.

One of their favorites is about measles incidence (the number of cases) and mortality (how many people with measles die). The mortality from measles and most other conditions did decrease after the early 20th Century, with improvements in health care, nutrition, and sanitation, etc.

After 1945, though, there continued to be about 350 to 450 deaths a year from measles.

That continued right up until we got the first measles vaccine.

Measles was and still is a deadly disease.

Measles mortality was decreasing after the beginning of the 20th Century, but eventually leveled off to about 400 deaths each year in the pre-vaccine era.

But how can there be 400 deaths (380 to be exact) in 1960 when the graph in the line is so very close to zero? They are plotting the death rate, which was 0.2 or 0.2 per 100,000 people.

Do the graphs prove that vaccines don’t work or that vaccines didn’t save us from vaccine preventable diseases?

Of course not.

They simply shows the techniques the anti-vaccine movement uses to scare parents away from vaccinating their kids and to justify their own beliefs that vaccines are full of toxins and cause autism, etc.

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