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Too Many Too Soon

Too Many Too Soon is an easy vaccine myth to fall for.

Dr. Jay Gordon, Hollywood’s pediatrician, often pushes this anti-vaccine myth, saying:

“…the idea of vaccinating everybody in America, every child in America, at six weeks of age with six or seven different vaccines, ’cause you know we’re adding one, that’s not the best medicine. We don’t give six of anything else. We don’t give six antibiotics.”

Of course, he is wrong. Protecting infants against eight vaccine-preventable diseases is a great idea and has been proven safe over and over again.

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19 thoughts on “Too Many Too Soon”

  1. Regarding myth #30 (America gives more than other countries), as you state – many other countries (including Australia) are comparable. The Australian schedule (*1) recommends 30 in the first year, and 42 by the age of 4.

    Australia takes the issue of non vaccination so seriously that un-vaccinated children will be banned from childcare facilities (*2). This is already in force in NSW, Victoria and Queensland representing 77% of the population.

    (*1) http://www.immunise.health.gov.au/internet/immunise/publishing.nsf/Content/national-immunisation-program-schedule
    (*2) http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-03-12/government-pushes-to-ban-unvaccinated-children-from-childcare/8347040

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  18. Sorry, garbage. No child should be subjected to so many vaccinations. That’s why we have an immune system – to fight disease. The human body is perfectly capable of healing itself so you should stop poisoning little children with your gross vaccinations. Modern medicine has gone nuts. By the way, I’m not influenced by anti – vaxx ‘propaganda’ as you call it. I think for myself. We had the polio vaccine when we were young. Bloody good job too. That’s the only vaccine I ever had – oh yes, and one tetanus jab as an adult. I’m immune to measles, mumps and rubella because I’ve had them all! It’s bloody scary what’s going on in the US and Australia. Just hope the UK doesn’t follow the same crazy route.

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